“Miracle” Rabbi Part of God’s Plan to Rebuild Temple?

Last month a Jihadist fired four shots at point blank range into the chest of Jerusalem Rabbi Yehuda Glick as he left the Temple Mount area. This assignation attempt was barely a blip on the radar of secular news sources. Those who did report labeled him a “right wing activist.” None of the secular sources reported on Glick’s miraculous healing. His recovery beyond all human reason and the unique role he plays makes me wonder: is the “miracle” Rabbi part of God’s plan to rebuild the Temple?

You see Glick is one of Israel’s greatest advocates to establish the right for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. He envisions a utopian Holy site where Muslims, Jews and Christians could all pray either within the Dome of the Rock or within a rebuilt Jewish Temple that would stand alongside the Dome . Glick hopes that one day the site will be a “House of prayer for all Nations.” Obviously this has branded him an enemy of Islam.  A wonderful video interview of Glick with Christian prophecy teacher and New York Times best selling author Joel Richardson can be seen in the movie End Time Eyewitness.  Learn more about the movie here.

Then on October 29th, a man on a motorcycle drove up to Glick and fired four shots into his chest.  Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility and the next morning Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sent a condolence letter to the family of the shooter after he was killed by police.  Rabbi Glick however, refused to give up.  He survived to the amazement of all. Anyone shot four times in the chest should be dead, so Glick realized his survival was a miracle.  “God brings back life to the deceased,” he said in an interview during his release from the hospital.  And I think everyone reading this realizes his recovery is beyond human ability.

So if God miraculously revived Rabbi Glick, what were his purposes?  God’s ways are higher than our ways so we can’t know for sure.  But, the Rabbi is Jewish and as such is currently rejecting Yeshua (Jesus) as his Messiah and Lord.  Preserving Glick’s life will give him more opportunity to really be saved.  I highly recommend everyone reading this article join me in praying for his salvation.

The Third Temple

Rabbi Glick’s interest in building a new (third) Jewish Temple is what has caught my attention.  Christians are all mostly aware that the Bible teaches a temple will be built in Jerusalem and sacrifices will once again take place.  Might Glick play a role in the rebuilding of the Temple?  Might God has preserved his life for just this reason?  Obviously we cannot know yet.  I for one will be watching this red headed Rabbi closely in the coming years.



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