Will Jesus return after “TWO DAYS?”

There is a verse in Hosea that may seem to indicate that Jesus could return 2000 years after his resurrection in the first century. Is this date setting or biblically sound prophecy? We present all the evidence here so you can be the judge. Will Jesus return after “two days”? It is something every Christian should be aware of and consider.

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The video recommends an additional link to the Great Creation Prophecy which is


Is There Forgiveness After Taking the Mark of the Beast?

If those in the church face the Antichrist, this will be an essential question? Spiritual life or death. Saints will need to know if there is forgiveness after taking the Mark of the Beast.

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Psalm 2: Christ versus Antichrist

In the very second Psalm, God gives us a picture of the titanic struggle that will take place between His Messiah and the Anti-Messiah (Antichrist) during the final 3 1/2 year Period Jesus called the Times of the Gentiles. It will be Psalm 2: Christ versus Antichrist.

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Passover’s Four Cups: Prophecy and the Gospel

At the Last Supper Jesus drank from 3 cups of wine as part of the Passover. He didn’t drink the Fourth Cup. How is this related to the Gospel and to prophecy? What do Passover’s four cups teach us?

Happy Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday! Happy Passover and First Fruits! Hope you enjoy this special holiday video.

ISIS in Bible Prophecy

How Can We Defeat ISIS, PART TWO

In the first installment we examined ISIS, caliphates, and “orthodox Islam.” Armed with that information, we are ready to look at what God says about ISIS in Bible prophecy. Then in the next article we combine all this knowledge to compile a plan to combat this evil.

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