New Nelson Update

First, thank you to all who have already prayed.  I am feeling extremely well, but unfortunately my heart was damaged by the infection .  I am currently having tests to see how extensive the intervention need to be .

I covet all of your prayers  and thank my God every time I remember you.  Please continue to be patient with me as I am not in a position to accomplish much right now .

20 thoughts on “New Nelson Update”

  1. Nelson,
    I know you’re in R&R recovery but I have a thought….amazingly. You said once that you suspect that the each seal occurs, or opens, each of the years of the 70th week of Daniel. You also defend that the Day of the Lord is a year in duration. If the 7th year is the 7th seal opening, which is the 7 trumpets (7 seals at the 7th trumpet), then12 months divided by 7 is 1.714 (51.4 days). The 5th seal is the locusts which last for 5 months. 1.714 x 3 = 5.14 months. The math is there. This math is based on 30 day Hebrew months. Every 7 years 30 days are added to compensate for the 365.4 days the Earth orbits the Sun in 1 year. This explains the 30 extra days in the 1290 days of the second half of the 3.5 years of Daniel.
    If this is true, then your 1 year of wrath interpretation is correct, as well as each seal per year of the seventh week. I did not say, at the start of each year…I said sometime during each year. However, it very well could be at the start. But this places the most pivotal point in 70th week history in between seals. Am I thinking too much here… thanks.

    1. I’m too sick to think on this right now but I’ll put it out there for others. my actual theory is the seals open on consecutive mo’edim (one per year). i have no theories about trumpets other than they all occur in the last year.

  2. Nelson, thought I would take my prayers and well-wishes directly to you on your blog-site. You know that you have the love and support of your many friends throughout the world, and there are literally thousands of people praying for you. As you say, ours is not to question why these things happen. Ours is to accept the challenges and find what God would have us do with them. I know you are already finding this true in some of the things you are doing. Who is to say that all of this is not part of God’s greater plan for you and your work. This I truly believe. God bless you, my friend.

  3. You see, it wasn’t an attack by evil. It was the mercy and care of Jesus in halting the progress of the infection. Now if you want to say that due to sin, all mankind suffers from illness and death because of the rejection of God in Eden, then that is reasonable. Nevertheless, your illness was discovered timely. You were overdue for R&R anyway, I’m sure. God bless you.

  4. God will make a way for you, Nelson! I also had an infection and my Ejection Fraction went down to 23%. He has restored me back to EJ 55% and my pacemaker is no longer needed. We can’t even imagine the thoughts of love He has for His servants. Your in GOOD HANDS! You’ll be back in no time. God bless you, brother!

  5. May God strengthen you according to His plan for you! Your articles have been a blessing, so take all the time you need.

  6. Hi Nelson, One thing for certain Nelson is that God has your attention. Time to devote ALL your time to listening to Him. Ask questions with pen and notebook in hand. Also a good time to connect with your brothers in Christ that have a similar end time calling. Suggest Reggie Kelly – Mystery of Israel is a person you should contact. God is using him to equip the saints with Apocalyptic Evangelism. Pray you will use this time wisely knowing God not man is your provider. Blessings, Ron

  7. Don’t you worry about your online brothers and sisters! We all have got your back and front and all over in prayers for you! We continue to pray that the doctors will have the correct information to do the correct and timely procedure to get your back to your fighting Nelson self!

    Joel said he spoke to you and that I hope lifted your spirits! 🙂


    1. Thanks Julie. I feel the prayers from all over the globe. This is an amazing benefit of this ministry that I never considered.
      Joel, the busiest prophecy teacher out there was willing to spend more time than he probably should have encouraging me and advising me on the mystery project. Me = humbled. Btw thanks for letting him know I was sick.
      Many of my yoke follows have been encouraging and advising me. I am feeling the love.

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