The Root Cause of Abortion and Same Sex Marriage Decisions

Christians are dismayed and stunned by the unjust decision of the Supreme Court to bypass the Constitution and legalize Same Sex Marriage. how did this happen?

I’m sure there are thousand of theories why this happened, but I’d Iike to express my ideas.  An encounter today at work brought it all into focus for me.

A client of mine came in to my cubicle today. Let’s call him John Doe. John is a retired career bureaucrat having lived and worked in Washington, D.C. for over 40 years. John is a very animated individual, and in the course of our business he asked me if I was going to vote for one of the Republican candidates for president. I told I would not because of this man’s religion, or rather his lack of religion. John twisted his face in a puzzled way, and I told him I thought it was time to have a sold-out Christian in the White House. (although I don’t know if such a person is running).

John shot back, “What about the separation of Church and State? ” “I don’t want some religious nut telling me what to do,” he continued.

“The separation of Church and State is a made up doctrine of an activist Supreme Court from 70 years ago,” I said. “The actual phrase isn’t in the Constitution of the USA, but comes from a letter of Thomas Jefferson’s. Now this activist court made it the law by judicial order, but it’s not constitutional”

John didn’t even look at me but shot out his iPhone 6.  I could see his mind racing as he googled “separation of Church and State.” The image at the top of his Google results showed the actual letter of Jefferson’s.

“There’s the letter,” I said. “That’s the letter I was talking about.”

John began reading out loud, “The concept of a separation of Church and State is found in a letter of Thomas Jefferson. In the letter Jefferson attempted  to help explain the meaning of the establishment clause and free exercise clause of the Bill of Rights. The letter explains that the original framers of the Constitution intended these clauses to prevent Government intrusion into religion not religion’s intrusion into government.” (paraphrase)

John’s face became white. “That’s exactly what I was talking about,” I explained. “An activist Supreme Court turned the idea of the framers of the Constitution on its head and forever changed the United States.”

John’s next question was, “Where do you go to Church?” John and I then discussed his upbringing in the Catholic Church and how he drifted away. Please pray for John and our future conversations about Jesus. I could see the wheels turning in his head. Pray that he will be forever changed by the Grace of our Lord.

This post isn’t solely about John. It’s about why the decision of the Supreme Court went as it did, and why abortion still happens in the USA. John is a forty plus year veteran of the government in Washington, DC. He has encountered hundreds if not thousands of fellow bureaucrats in that time. In those 40 plus years and hundreds of thousands of encounters, many of which were with Christians, no one took the time to explain the unjust insertion of separation of Church and State into our laws. No one. 40 years of his making decisions at a national level and 40 years of voting all happened in this man’s career without a single Christian speaking up on such a fundamental issue.

So whose fault is it that the Supreme Court makes unjust decisions that stand?  It is our fault: the Church. In a country with freedom of speech we allowed a 40 year bureaucrat to continue to believe the lie fed to him by the media and our culture. We’ve allowed an entire nation to believe them.  A recent president said “It’s the economy, stupid” and won. No one answered him with “No, it’s the Kingdom of God, sir.” If we think economics are most important, the rulers and principalities of the world who know what the truly important issues are will continue to chip away at rights and freedoms.

This post isn’t about voting, its about witnessing and giving your testimony: about Jesus, about righteousness, about the Kingdom. How many thousands of people do you interact with yearly?  What if you made it a point when confronted with things that are not the truth to speak the truth in love? Gently, not as an argument, what if you confronted the darkness?

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