When Will Jesus Return? Fig Tree Parable

What year will Jesus return? Does the Fig Tree Parable give us specific details about the year Jesus returns or only general details? Does the Fig Tree Parable support Preterism or Historicism, theories that everything in Matt 24 was fulfilled in the 1st Century? Watch the video to find out that there are four specific passages in Matt 24 that preclude a fulfillment in the 1st Century. Also watch to learn about a fascinating report of the appearance of chariots in the sky in the 1st century ad what that might have been. Also learn about other recent uses of the Fig Tree Parable to guess the date of Jesus’ return. Learn about a book that estimated it would be in 1988 and other guesses about 2017 and 2018, all based on the recreation of Israel as a nation in 1948. Find out what our best guess is about the meaning of the parable.

2 thoughts on “When Will Jesus Return? Fig Tree Parable”

  1. I do think Israel’s re-creation as a nation happened right on schedule (after 2,520 years) and that it suggests all end times events should happen within a generation of 1948 – probably between 70 – 80 years later. As one comment under this video noted, an average lifespan is about 80 years today (in the West at least.)
    Many years ago I noted over a dozen signs pointing to the POSSIBILITY that Judgment Day could be December 28, 2019. Now that the end of that timeline is close I’m hoping everything I wrote about in End Times and 2019 proves to be meaningless coincidence. 88 reasons didn’t prove anything for 1988, and nothing short of the Second Coming ever will prove the timing. My analysis of Nostradamus prophecies puts the end in late 2028. Other authors’ books give other dates. Analysis will never prove anything. Though I would like to know dates with certainty, and I still think studying and questioning like Bereans is a good idea – I caution people to focus more on the big picture – accepting salvation – and less on the fine details like timing. All we need to know about timing is that time remaining for the present world as we know it is short, and that the eternity that follows is what matters most.

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