Is the Book of Daniel Sealed in Dan. 12?

Great controversy exists in the prophetic community about what the “sealing” of the prophecies of Daniel means. Some say “this” and some say “that.” A deeper question exists, however: “what book is sealed in Dan. 12?” Is the Book of Daniel sealed in Dan. 12 or is it possible that something else is sealed?

This is not an incidental question of interest. The reliability of Daniel’s prophecies are at stake.  If Daniel is truly sealed, has it been completely unsealed? Is there still understanding we don’t know? If something other than Daniel’s prophecies are sealed, we have complete information and can safely interpret the prophecies. Heroes of the prophetic community and lesser figures  (myself included) have written on this subject and concluded Daniel is/was sealed. This doesn’t mean we were correct, however. Notice I have placed a tag on this blog called “Unsealing the Book of Daniel.” I find that humorous and ironic if this blog proves that false.

In order to understand the questions we asked above, we must rely on our fundamental tools of Bible interpretation: context and reference. Context is looking at the passages surrounding the verse in question and deriving meaning in light of what the entire section of scripture says. Reference is looking at other sections of Daniel and the rest of scripture and let the Bible interpret the Bible.

The Context

Let’s begin our search by looking at the passage that has led to this investigation.

And at that time Michael the great prince shall stand up, that stands over the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of tribulation, such tribulation as has not been from the time that there was a nation on the earth until that time: at that time thy people shall be delivered, even every one that is written in the book. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to reproach and everlasting shame. And the wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament, and some of the many righteous as the stars for ever and ever. (4) And thou, Daniel, close (Gk: ENPHOBOS, meaning fill with Godly fear) the words, and seal the book to the time of the end (Gk: SUNTELEIA, meaning “completion of many parts” or “payment”); until many are taught, and knowledge is increased (Dan. 12: 1-4 LXX)

Notice I chose the Septuagint Greek translation of Daniel not the Hebrew. Nearly all our English translation Bibles are based on a Hebrew text and every analysis I’ve seen of this passage has been constructed from the Hebrew. The Greek, however, was the primary text used by the Apostles. All but 5 OT quotes in the NT are from the Septuagint. Additionally, the language of the Septuagint and the NT are both in Greek and word studies can be done and compared to NT texts. If you are familiar with the translation of the Hebrew, you probably noticed the Septuagint version quoted here isn’t all that different. But perhaps these slight differences will help us gain understanding.

Verse 4 above is at the center of all controversy. The English translation of the first half of the verse says “close the words and seal the book to the time of the end.” That certainly sounds like the angel is commanding Daniel to seal his book (the Book of Daniel) until we reach the “time of the end.” But is that what “the book” means? Look just two verses above this passage and you will see “the book” referred to again. Can these two “the book” references be different books? They cannot (under the rules of proper Bible interpretation.) They are one and the same book. If the angel intended to refer to the Book of Daniel, he would have said “this” book or “your book.” The definitive article “the” in both references to the scroll (book) means it’s the most important of its kind in scripture.

The Reference

What is the most important book (scroll) of all-time? Most would say the Book of Life. In Rev. 20:15 we are told “And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” This is obviously a very important book. The salvation of all people depends on their names be written in this book.  What does Daniel say about “the book” in the passage above? “thy people shall be delivered, even every one that is written in the book. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life.” This is the Resurrection and obviously “the book” is the book, the Book of Life. The passage in Revelation is almost a direct quote of Daniel. John simply identifies “the book” with the two extra words “of life.”

This means “the book,” the Book of Life, is what is sealed in Dan. 12:4 until the “time of the end.”

Supporting Evidence

I think the above is a pretty definitive proof that “the book” is the Book of Life, but like the ads on TV say, “wait, there’s more!” In the Greek, a very special noun is translated “end” in the phrase “time of the end.” This word is SUNTELEIA which means “payment” or “completion of many parts.” This exact word was used by the disciples when they asked Jesus the question that led to him answering with the Olivet Discourse, “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end (Gk: SUNTELEIA) of the age?” (Matt. 24:3) This is a very particular word. In the New Testament it is always used in reference to the return of Jesus and the end of the age.  In every case in the NT, the text is referring back to this use in Dan. 12: 4 and its other use in Dan. 12:13.

Interestingly the ideas of a “payment” and the “completion of many parts” are found in one verse in Revelation. Even more interestingly, this passage involves a “sealed book (scroll)”:

Worthy are You (Jesus) to take the book and to break its seals (seven seals which when open are the completion of multiple parts); for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood (the payment) men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. (Rev. 5:9)

This is the SUNTELEIA, the time of the end Daniel was referring to: the breaking of the seven seals on the 7 Sealed Scroll. Only Jesus is worthy to break the seals because of the payment he made with his blood on our behalf. When all seven seals are broken, we will reach the completion of multiple parts, the SUNTELEIA.  Also notice that men were what was purchased. This is completely consistent with the Resurrection mentioned in Daniel 12:2. “The book” in Daniel 12:2,4 is the Book of Life and the 7 Sealed Scroll in Revelation is most likely the same book.

I guess the only question one might have is “why was this not noticed before? It seems so obvious!” There are several reasons:

  • No other commentator I know has looked at the Greek. The Hebrew word in Daniel 12:4 can’t be compared to the New Testament. The use of the Greek OT opens up the meaning.
  • If the 7 Sealed Scroll truly contains the Book of Life (it has other aspects to it as well), there are serious implications on the timing of the Rapture. If the SUNTELEIA occurs upon the “completion of multiple parts” (the opening of the 7th seal), the Resurrection and the Rapture must occur toward the end of the 70th Week of Daniel. This is completely consistent with Dan. 12:2 that pictures the Resurrection after the Great Tribulation. Based on this analysis in Daniel, there can be no Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Believers in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture analysing these verses would likely allow their pre-conceived theory obscure the meaning of “the book.”
  • Dan. 12:4 discusses the “closing of the words” (Gk: LOGOS) also, not just the sealing of “the book,” and this has confused commentators. We’ll discuss this in the next section.

Closing the Words

This is a very odd term, “closing.” The reason it’s odd is the underlying Greek word translated “closing” doesn’t mean that at all. It actually means “filling with Godly fear.” This is the same Greek word (Gk: ENPHOBOS) used in the New Testament when the women encountered the angels at Jesus’s tomb after his Resurrection and bowed before them. This certainly doesn’t sound like “closing” or “obscuring” or “sealing” to me. It is highly consistent with the Holy and frightening nature of the words on the 7 Sealed Scroll, however. The reward of the righteous are on the scroll in the form of the names of the saved. Most scholars (me included) also believe the punishment of the wicked in the form of the Wrath of God is written onto that scroll. Both of these items should fill us with Holy fear. So the word ENPHOBOS is incredibly appropriate.


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The Angel’s Explanation

After giving Daniel this prophecy, the angel is joined by two others and they further clarify its meaning.  Daniel is confused even by the further explanation and they respond:

I heard, but I understood not: and I said, O Lord, what will be the end (PERAS, meaning boundary or limit) of these things? And he said, Go, Daniel: for the words are closed (Gk: ENPHOBOS) and sealed up to the time of the end (Gk: PERAS) . . .  and thou shalt stand in thy lot at the end (Gk: SUNTELEIA) of the days. (Dan. 12: 8-9, 13 LXX)

Again the angel uses the same two Greek words in his explanation ENPHOBOS and SUNTELEIA and the meanings are the same. Daniel is told that the words are filled with Godly fear and sealed until the time of the “limit or boundary.” These words are the same as the words in Dan. 12:4 above, they are the words on the 7 Sealed Scroll. Then Daniel is told he will stand in his “lot” at the SUNTELEIA which we now know is when the Resurrection happens.  So we are told Daniel will be resurrected and stand with his tribe (Judah), with the others who have trusted their salvation to the Messiah. This will happen at the breaking of the seventh seal. (Daniel trusted the Messiah for salvation 550 years before Jesus’s death on a cross.)


I’m sure this blog has surprised you, maybe even shocked you. It may even have disappointed you to know that the Book of Daniel is not supernaturally sealed. But the true meaning of Daniel 12 is much greater than the sealing of Daniel. It helps identify the 7 Sealed Scroll of Revelation and greatly helps us understand the timing of events related to the opening of that scroll during the 70th Week of Daniel



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  1. Hi, great deep study, just one question on the 6th seal vs the 7th. Why is it at the 6th seal in Revelation, when the angel asks John who the multitudes are in white robes, he says “these ore those who have come out of the great tribulation”. The 6th seal opens, the sky rolls up like a scroll, stars fall from the sky, then a multitude appear in Heaven. The Holy Spirit (Restrainer) leaves with us and the world is left under Satan’s rule.

      1. Thank you, another great study! I would clarify that I don’t believe The Holy Spirit leaves us, I believe He takes us with Him. When the sky rolls up like a scroll and stars fall from the sky, Christ is seen in the clouds…that is His Spirit departing with us who are His alive on Earth at that time. Also just MHO 🙂

        1. Scripture is not clear who the restrainer is, so all are opinions. The problem with your position is that the restrainer has already released the beast. This happens at the midpoint of the 70th Week. The rapture happens 2.5 years later. Now might the Holy Spirit leave at that point? I don’t know, but I don’t think so. In that final year of the 70th Week, God is still interested in saving. Who other than the Holy Spirit will convict the Jewish remnant of sin and cause them to come to faith in Jesus as the one they had pierced?

          1. I have not fully studied the OT like you have. I’m looking forward to reading through this site. My (limited) understanding of the NT is that the Antichrist will be revealed, or “made known”, but will not be fully possessed by Satan, or come into full power until the Spirit is gone. In Revelation it states an Angel of the Lord continues to preach the gospel, correct? I need to brush up on my study too.
            Again thank you for the site and responses, I look forward to reading.

  2. I have been reading through all of your very insightful articles; thank-you so much for making them available. I do have one small question regarding a verse in Daniel 12 for which I have been unable to find an explanation. In verse 11, I am fairly certain that I understand what the 1290 days is referring to following the abomination that causes desolation… however, what might the “end of the 1335 days” be referring to in verse 12? I have heard it is possibly the time of Islam’s occupation of Jerusalem (from A.D.622 to A.D. 1917… which was 1335 years according to the Islamic system of time).

    1. My personal opinion is the 1260, 1290, 1335 and 2300 days of Daniel all start at the same place: the Abomination. IMO the end points are
      1260: Second coming and Armageddon fulfilled on Yom Kippur
      1290: Sheep and Goat Judgment fulled on Chesvan 10 (day Noah entered the Ark)
      1335: Rededication of the Temple or Tabernacle on Hanukkah
      2300: Dedication of the 4th Temple built by Jesus on Elul 1

  3. The book of Daniel may also still be sealed as well though. In Daniel 8:26 it says And the vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true: wherefore shut thou up the vision; for it shall be for many days. Other translations say seal up the vision in this particular passage.

    1. When we read this verse in the English it certianly seems to carry that meaning. Now the word translated “seal it up” can mean “secure” or “confirm, as sealing with a signet ring” as well. If we read the verse in full context we see the angel saying in essense, “the vision of the 2300 days is true so hide it” or “the vision of 2300 days is true so confirm it and secure it.” What makes the most sense? To me the meaning of confirming it and securing it makes a better readying. Now could this passage say the 2300 day vision is sealed? It could. The question of course, is what about the vision of 2300 days is sealed? It seems quite obvious.

      In all cases, this passage doesn’t say the whole book of Daniel is sealed or even that all of Daniel 8 is sealed.

  4. @Curtis/Nelson-

    Is there perhaps a difference between the biblical definition of “deny” and the biblical definition of “blotting a name out of the Book of Life?” Does the Septuagint lend any insight here? We do know that Peter “denied” Christ at one point. He repented, of course…

  5. Hi Nelson et al – Provocative posting and discussion of which I printed for ease of reading (at bedtime!) – then checked my Bible this morning.

    ERR – I’d politely point out: missing the logical basis of the verse you quote has led to a non-sequitur and associated digression on the Book of Life. That is, your ‘context’ is incomplete because it doesn’t consider the whole visionary event.

    You ask, “What book is sealed in Dan. 12? Is the Book of Daniel sealed in Dan. 12 or is it possible that something else is sealed?”

    The answer is blindingly obvious! The ‘man in white’ came to explain the visions to Daniel and “I-shall-tell to you the-one-being-signified in the words-of truth…” (Dan 10:21 as so rendered in the Hebrew Interlinear). The NKJV refers to this ‘book’ as ‘the Scripture of Truth” and the Amplified has ‘I will tell you what is inscribed in the writing of truth or the Book of Truth’. The latter’s Dan 12:1 and 12:4 make this contextual connection clear: “…your people…everyone whose name shall be found written in the Book [of God’s plan for his own]…many shall run to and fro and search anxiously [through the Book]…”

    It seems, therefore, this indicates the ‘Book of Truth’ (ie scroll) is definitely not the OT account of Daniel’s visions, and probably not the same as ‘The Lamb’s Book of Life’. Or am I mistaken?

    PS: greatly appreciate your elucidating the Greek for this suggests the accounting practice of balancing the books in due course, at the ‘end-time’, before we can progress into the Age to Come. Thank you for this informative article Nelson.

    1. Richard, Thanks. This is an interesting take on what “the book” is. I’ve not heard that theory before. I think what is absolutely essential in looking at this, however, is to examine the full testimony of scripture not just what Daniel says. The almost exact quote Dan. 12:1 in Rev. 20:15 shows to me that John is signaling us that Daniel was referring to to the Book of Life. That is how John uses OT quotes in Revelation. Paul references names written in the Book of Life as well in Phil. 4:3. The fact that the Resurrection happens based on who’s name is written in “the book” in Dan. 12:1 only confirms this. It can be nothing else IMO. To show that there is truly nothing new under the sun, I researched a lot of the old commentaries and both Jamieson/Faussett and Barnes equate Dan. 12:1 AND Dan. 10:21 with the scroll in Rev. 5:1 as well.

      Let’s go back to Dan. 10:21 and examine that verse. The word “book” (scroll) is not used in this verse (Dan. 10:21) in either the Hebrew or the Greek. The LXX says “But I will tell thee that which is ordained in the scripture of truth.” The word translated scripture appears 51 times in the New Testament and always refers to Holy Scripture. (Again when doing a word study, the Greek can compare the thoughts to the NT.) In Hebrew the same word is KETHAB which clearly meaning writing not scroll or book.

      So we have two possible thoughts for Dan. 10:21, it is either the OT scriptures or the Book of Life. Remember all the OT prophets previous to Daniel had written about this time, Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc. The angel may have been saying in essence “I will explain in more detail what is already written in the other prophets (the writing of truth).” Or it could be the Book of Life. Other scriptures that discuss the Book of life are Mal. 3:16, Exo. 32:32, Isa. 4:3, Phil. 4:3 and Psalm 69:28. Psalm 139:16 gives us an idea that all of everyone’s lives are written ahead of time which was suggested by Vincent just a few posts ago.

      So in review, IMO, Dan. 10:21 could be either the OT scriptures or the Book of Life. Dan. 12:1,4 however are clearly the Book of Life.

      1. Thanks for taking time and trouble to reply at length Nelson. I shall consider it carefully – can we even begin to grasp the fullness heavenly things? Am not as yet sure we can be absolutely certain the two books are identical; eg. several scrolls/books are opened at the Dan 7:10 judgement of the 4th beast’s pompous ‘little horn’.

        The timing of your post is propitious in connection with my blogging on scriptures/prophetic words, as with your previous on ‘unsealing Daniel’ ( refers). This time I’m mulling over the possibility of a book on the Age to Come (ie. the next after Revelation). So I ask the Lord for our revelation upon these topics.

      2. Hi again Nelson. Have been mulling over this post (not unusual as you bring ‘food for thought’) and something’s been tapping at the back of my mind and I’ve put my finger on it. So in connection with this post, you may be interested to know what I re-read about a couple of prophetical Bible teachers known to me:

        In a spiritually tough time getting to a conference in Dec 2000 the Lord gave a clear, concise word to Paul Keith Davis, “I am beginning to reveal things from the Book of Truth”. He was also given Daniel 10:21 reference. The next day Bobby Conner took hold of and thumbed through Paul Keith’s Bible, put it back in his lap and pointed to Dan 10:21 saying, “The Lord is about to speak to us from the Book of Truth!”. He writes, “That was WOW moment”. (‘Books of Destiny’ 2004 page 47)

        In that chapter he also writes about Bob Jones having been shown a volume entitled ‘Book of Resumes’ in a heavenly library. It contained the destinies and achievements of many of the Lord’s ancient and modern servants. (In case you may not know: in July 1994 those three, together with others, were to learn of and prophesy the Pensacola revival of 1995, AND the next one 50 miles westward in 2010.)

        1. PS. in view of your response in the next post’s thread Nelson, I’d mention that both PKD and BC always teach that all prophecy (and whatever they teaching about) is subject to the plumb-line of holy scripture.

  6. Nelson:

    This is your most insightful article ever written. Bravo. Not sure how you will outdue yourself after this one!!

    Considering that Daniel has written various sections of his writings, in various stages of his life, probably his writings were not even complied into a book until later on. So when an Angel talks about a Book, he must have meant something else besides the writing of Daniel ch:12. This should be common sense to everyone.
    Also it’s common sense to conclude the word “book” in vs 1 & vs 4 is the same book. Also it makes sense to conclude logically that according to vs. 1, the believer’s name is not written in the Book of Daniel, but non other than the Book of Life.

    Now revelation is a Book, because it was all written in the Island of Patmos. Even Rev. ch:1 vs. 11, our Lord commands John to write in a Book (scroll).

    It finally makes sense to conclude that only 2 things have been sealed.
    1) Holy Spirit in believer’s lives and 2) The Lamb’s book of life.

    It’s also very interesting to know that the Book of Life has been sealed, since the world was even made by God. Rev. 17:8
    This must be the 1st and oldest Book that God has written. A book that intends to describe who is the future Bride of Christ.

    It pleased God for the Lamb to be crushed and slaughtered, in order for all whose name were written in the book of life to be considered righteous, through the act of one righteous person, the 2nd Adam.

    Nelson: God has truly blessed you.
    You truly should be given the title of
    ” Daniel of 21st century”. You may ask why?

    Daniel prayed to God that the Babylonians to be released from their 70 year exile, and now you are praying and begging God, through your Books and website, to wake the Church up from its Lethargic Coma like sleep exile, in these last days.

    1. A couple things AFO. For the joy set before him (our salvation) Messiah endured the cross. Truly this is amazing love.

      In terms of the nice things you said, thank you. I appreciate your friendship. But you overstate this ministry by a factor of a thousand. A year and a half ago, I posted here about the Book of Daniel being sealed, now I understand it differently. In contrast, Daniel was given the inerent Word from God’s Holy angels. Daniel was one of 3 saints listed in Ezekiel (along with Noah and Job) for living righteously. There is only one Daniel. No, all the rest of us are beggars just showing other beggars where to find bread. All of us are righteous before God only by the Blood of our Savior. Most of us on this site share this ministry. It is not a personality thing, its a call of all of us. Rev. 2:14 “I have this against you (Church at Pergamum) that there are SOME there that hold the teaching of Balaam.” Jesus holds the entire Church responsible for the false teaching of the “some.” We have much work and little time.

      However, you are right about one thing. God has blessed me (and many others here) with his grace which is his presence. His closeness when we study his Word is a great, great joy.

  7. This is fascinating, Nelson. I also thought that it was the book of Daniel that is sealed, but I now think you may be correct when you say, “vast amounts of prophetic meaning is coming to light” to those who are seeking truth. It makes sense. I will certainly be pondering all this.

    The book of Daniel is remarkably detailed regarding end time events, including the anti-Christ, so as we see things unfold it begins to be clearer. Daniel is also the book that is greatly under attack and challenged by many; Reggie Kelly and Bryan Purtle, for example, have talked about this. I know that it’s Regige’s view that reading and understanding Daniel, as Jesus directed us to do in Matthew 24, is key to avoiding the “unequaled deception” that is coming. Satan does not want us to read or understand the book of Daniel, and he does not want us to be prepared for what is coming.

    It’s important that we are having these discussions. Wish I could afford the LOGOS software!

    1. That is a super great question James. Daniel was written in two languages. Daniel 1, 8-12 was written in Hebrew, Daniel 2-7 in Aramaic. Unfortunately we don’t have the “original.” The oldest manuscript we have of the Hebrew OT is only about 1000 years old. The Septuagint copies we have are older. Irenius, an early Church Father, even claimed the Jews “altered” the Hebrew text to make it less “Christ-like” although this is unproven. The fact that the Disciples quoted the Septuagint and NOT the Hebrew in all but 5 places in the New Testament speaks volumes about the value of the Septuagint. Every single, solitary quote of the OT in Revelation (there are maybe 100) are from the Septuagint. They certainly considered it the inspired Word of God. The Septuagint is very similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls as well.

      As for me personally, I use both texts (Hebrew and Greek) and kind of get a feel for the differences and what each says. When there is a striking difference between the two, I put less stock in that verse. But when it comes to word studies, I prefer the Septuagint because it uses the same Greek as the New Testament. So I don’t solely rely on the Septuagint. I use both. I have the Septuagint on my LOGOS software which is awesome. If you can afford LOGOS, get it. I think it is an awesome tool. I even use the Aramaic text for Daniel from time to time. Especially in very crucial verses.

  8. Don’t different things happen as each seal is broken? The things don’t all happen at once, when the 7th seal is broken, do they? Also, some people say that the things written of in the book of Daniel, which were “sealed up until the time of the end,” are now being revealed…things about the end times that are coming to light, such as the idea that the antichrist will be islamic, the Persian ram symbolizing a coming Iranian war, etc. Do you think the sealing of things until the time of the end could also have a more general fulfillment?

    1. I used to be one of the people saying Daniel was sealed up until the end times. I no longer believe that to be accurate. HOWEVER, vast amounts of prophetic meaning is coming to light. So has the idea of an Islamic Antichrist and the Persian Ram come to light in the last 10 years. Absolutely. I just don’t think it was “sealed” or that anyone “unsealed” it. God revealed it to individuals who were seeking the truth. My new unpublished book uncovers a lot of meaning that was previously unknown, much of it in Revelation. Was Revelation sealed? No, John says so specifically.

      You are correct about events occurring during the breaking of each seal. These are the Pattern of Seven Events that are found throughout scripture and form the basis for a majority of my unpublished book. The Four Horsemen are Satan’s reaction to the breaking of the first four seals, IMO. Seals 5,6,and 7’s events are God’s answers to Satan’s attack. That’s why they are divided into horsemen and non-horsemen. New book has two chapters on the seals.

  9. What then does it mean when it says many will travel to and fro and knowledge will increase? It seems to mean that when we are at or near the time of the end many will travel to and fro in the book of Daniel and knowledge of the end times will increase. Also you said something about names being blotted out of the book of life, are you saying you believe a person who was born again and saved by the blood of Christ can lose there salvation or be unborn again?

    1. Thanks for the question jlils05. First question about someone who has saving faith losing their salvation. This is the most crucial of your questions. No, I don’t believe that is possible. Scripture clearly teaches that names can be blotted out from the Book of Life however. (Psalm 69:28, Rev. 3:5, Rev. 22:19). Luke 8 (Parable of the 4 Soils) teaches that some receive the word with gladness and then fall away. Paul and Jesus teach about a Great Falling Away. My position on all of these are they are not true believers, like the foolish virgins in The Parable of the Ten Virgins. They may give appearances of being believers but they do not have the Holy Spirit. At least that is my opinion.

      Second question was about traveling to and fro and knowledge increasing from the last half of Daniel 12:4. Let’s look at what the Septuagint says, because again, I think it is more clear than the Hebrew text you quote. “And thou, Daniel, close the words, and seal the book to the time of the end; until many are taught, and knowledge is increased.” Doesn’t this make much more sense? “Many are taught” the Gospel. God desires that none should perish. Knowledge of what? Knowledge of God and salvation. To me this is a rephrasing of Matt. 24:14, “and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world and then THE END SHALL COME.” Same thought, same context. Was Jesus paraphrasing this Septuagint passage and explaining it in more depth? I think so.

      If we just use the Hebrew you quote, the phrase “go to and fro” is a quote from Numbers 11:8 which speaks of the people going here and there to collect manna. Again to me this is a picture of gathering the truth of God’s Word from many books of the Bible. (Just what we did in this blog post, quoting from Rev. and Dan.) So in this way, yes, I agree wholehearted with you, but I think its more than just knowledge of end times. (although that is what I believed too at one time and wrote about it) I don’t personally think it has anything to do with our modern age of air travel and computers although I know that is a popular thought as well.

      Hope that helps.

      1. All Glory to God


        I consider the question about someone who has saving faith losing their salvation to be a crucial one too. This is, sadly, not often addressed in the church. I agree with your answer but I will add this piece of scripture 2 Timothy 2v11-13

        “It is a faithful saying: For if we be dead with him, we shall also live with him:

        If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: IF WE DENY HIM, HE ALSO WILL DENY US:

        If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself”. (KJV)

        From this verse, I believe the “falling away” refers to those who for varying reasons (power, position, wealth, false doctrines, fear of death or torture etc) deny the Lord. The last verse refers to people (If we believe not) who do not live a crucified lifestyle (unfaithfulness) but do not deny the Lord. Like you say, I believe people who deny the Lord did not truly believe in Him in the first place but we pray always that the Lord keep us from temptation.

        God Bless

  10. Nelson, using the Greek Septuagint (LXX) to find the usage of the same word in both the OT and the NT is a tool which you have used in Bible interpretation to bring amazing insights.

    You have used this effectively to “unseal” the understanding of the passage in Daniel about “the book” being “sealed” to the time of the end [Gk: SUNTELEIA] (Daniel 12:1-4). As you explained, comparing this same Greek word used in this section of Daniel to the same Greek word used by the disciples when they asked Jesus the question that led to Jesus’ answer in the Olivet Discourse, allows us to understand that “the time of the end” refers to the time of the return of Jesus and the end of the age.

    All this leads to your case that “the book” in Daniel 12:4 is referring to the “Book of Life,” which is what is sealed until the time that Jesus returns. You have made a very good case for this.

    You have also used the Septuagint to gain understanding of Daniel 12:8-9. In addition, the Greek word-study by usage of the Septuagint is used very effectively in your upcoming second book, “Revelation Deciphered,” to bring many new and amazing insights into understanding the Book of Revelation.

    As you well know, I have had the pleasure of reading your manuscript of your second book, which you have announced to be released in 2016. I am just making a “plug” and a strong recommendation for your upcoming second book. It too has amazing insights. Praise God.

    Joseph Lenard, co-author of “The Last Shofar!—What the Fall Feasts of the Lord Are Telling the Church”

  11. If the book of life and the 7 seals are part of the same book, which seal is broken when the book of life is opened? The 7th? (Maybe you already addressed that and I missed it.) Also, can the book of life be “sealed until the time of the end” if people’s names are continuously being added to it?

    1. We know from Rev. 5 that John sees a scroll with 7 seals. All seven seals must be on the outside of the scroll for him to be able to see them. Thus all seven seals must be broken in order for the scroll to open. I know it is a popular thought that a seal will break and a little of the scroll will be revealed and then another seal breaks, etc. But logically all seven must break for it to open. So the scroll opens at the 7th seal. This is the Resurrection and Rapture; AND on the same day the first Trumpet is sounded in the Wrath of God. It is the Day of Christ and/or the Day of the Lord. In Rev. 10 the strong angel (who I believe is Jesus) is holding the scroll in his hand. The Greek word says “having been opened.” This is the same 7 sealed scroll IMO. This is happening during the trumpets.

      You ask how names can be added to a sealed scroll. I don’t know. This is the same question my friend Christopher asked earlier. I don’t think it is an insurmountable question. Are the seals preventing the contents from being acted upon? (this is a vision after all). Certainly if God sees within our hearts he is not bound by the same laws of physics that we are. Jesus passed through the door to enter the Disciples room. The scroll is sealed for us, not him IMO. He knows everything. He knows the contents of the scroll and can make changes. Adding a name to the scroll must bring him great joy!!

      Christopher also asked why Daniel was given the honor of sealing the scroll. Again, I think it is a symbolic, visionary sealing. Daniel sees the scroll open in Dan. 12:2 (names are written there) and then God is letting him (and all of the rest of us) know that the contents of this scroll is going to be sealed. We won’t know those names and the rest of the content until the SUNTELEIA. When Ezekiel saw this same scroll in Ezek. 3 it was open, written on both sides and full of woe and lamentations (that is another of its aspects: the Wrath of God). That is why the scroll is sweet (Rapture) and sour (Wrath) when John eats it. Ezekiel’s visions predate Daniel 12 by about 40-50 years. So Ezekiel sees it open. Daniel sees it sealed (symbolically seals it?) At least that is my opinion.

      What I’m quite certain of is “the book” in Dan. 12:2 is the same as “the book” in Dan. 12:4, and its not the Book of Daniel.

      1. My systemic Prof told us you always read of.God “blotting out names” . But for those whose names are.wrirten, it’s all there before. As the Psalmist said, all my days are written in your book, before one of them is. So it’s all written down. He is not writing it in, or putting the names in as time goes along. He already did, because He knows the end from the beginning.

  12. Several issues with this one. 🙂

    1. If it wasn’t sealed shut how come it is sealed with 7 seals and needs to be “opened” by the Lamb?
    2. What right does Daniel have to seal the book of life? It has to be open now as all Christians are written into it in an ongoing basis.
    3. Is it the book of life or the names of those under the wrath of God? Polar opposite books, no? IE “the books (plural) were opened.

    1. Hey Chris:

      I realize this is a quantum leap of interpretation from what is currently taught. Again, I argue its because no one has used the Septuagint. Let’s answer each.

      1. “The book” was sealed shut and, yes, only the Lamb can open it. He can open it specifically because his blood purchased men from every tribe, nation and tongue. Think about that. What does purchasing men with Jesus’s blood have to do with anything other than salvation? Certainly opening Daniel or the Wrath of God has nothing to do with that. Also notice that John wept uncontrollably when no one was initially found worth to open the book. Would John cry if the 7 Sealed Scroll was only Daniel or just the Wrath of God? No.

      1a. Now, answering your question about why seven seals, it is the “completion of many parts” of the SUNTELEIA. It also is the second of the septets in Revelation. Seven is the number of completion.

      2. Now this is an awesome question to which I don’t have a perfect answer. Was Daniel’s sealing of “The Book” symbolic like Ezekiel’s laying on his one side for 40 days and his other for 390 days? Is the sealing of the scroll accessable to God (why not?) yet not finalized until the seventh seal is broken? People can be added AND blotted out up until that moment.

      3. My new, unpublished book Revelation Deciphered argues that the 7 Sealed Scroll is “Man’s Inheritance” and contains 3 aspects: reward for the righteous (Resurrection and Rapture), punishment for the wicked (Wrath of God: Trumpets and Bowls), and the return of the dominion of the earth to its rightful owners (from Satan and AC to Jesus and the saints). Rev. 10 and Ezek. 3 show the scroll being eaten and it is sweet first (Resurrection) and sour second (Wrath of God).

      3.b. Great question about the “books were opened” from Daniel 7:10 and Rev. 20:12. Now Rev. 20:12 shows God’s unchanging system of justice played out after the 1000 years of the Millennial Kingdom. God opens “the books” which judge men by works AND the book of life. God’s justice is immutable. Doesn’t he have to judge those deemed righteous at the Resurrection and Rapture by the exact standard? God will “open the books” (man’s deeds) seen in Dan. 7:10 and “THE BOOK” seen in Dan. 12:4 and Rev. 4-8. BTW, the vision in Dan. 7:9-10, 13-14, 26-27 is the identical vision seen in Rev. 4-5 and follows. This courtroom scene is also pictured in Rev. 20:4 in the description of the first resurrection.

      Hope that helps you see where I’m coming from my friend.

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