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The Islamic Antichrist: Debunked by Chris White

Author Chris White has released a new book which challenges what is becoming the established view on the religion and ethnicity of the Antichrist.  In this book Chris has added some amazing research on the basis for Islamic “holy” writings for which he is to be commended.  Unfortunately his main premise is based on a number of misinterpretations of scripture.   I highly endorse his section on Islamic eschatology but can’t endorse the book as a whole.

I think we all need to have our theology challenged now and then. All of us should hold our eschatological views loosely because we see through a glass darkly. None of us will be sure of the identity of the Antichrist until he sits in the Temple of God and declares himself God.  So I applaud the book for taking on such a challenging subject.  The author is a gifted writer and thinks “outside the box.” “Iron sharpens iron,” so I read this book with an open mind but came away even more convinced than ever that the Antichrist will be Islamic.


In Chapter One the book attempts to dispute the analysis of Daniel Chapter Two found in Mideast Beast by Joel Richardson, specifically Daniel 2:40.  The verse in question is:

Then there will be a fourth kingdom as strong as iron; inasmuch as iron crushes and shatters all things, so, like iron that breaks in pieces, it will crush and break all these in pieces. (Dan. 2:40 NASB)

The traditional view of historic commentators was that this fourth kingdom referred to Rome.  Joel Richardson showed in his book that this verse, better describes Islam.  The reasons it better fits Islam are centered on the the word translated “crushes.”

  • Islam conquered each of the preceding kingdoms of the statue (Babylon, Persia and Greece) while Rome only conquered Greece.
  • Islam “crushed” the culture of the those they conquered while Rome, rather than crushing the cultures of those they conquered, actually incorporated elements of the conquered cultures into their own.  (for example using Greek as the language of commerce.)

The book addresses the first of these items, but completely ignores the second.  The concept that  Rome did not crush their conquests but allowed their conquered lands’ languages and religions to still flourish is an incredibly important aspect of this verse.  Not even addressing it severely weakens any arguments that the book does make.

The primary argument that the book sets forth is that the verse doesn’t suggest that it was necessary for the fourth kingdom to conquer each of the preceding three kingdoms. The book’s thesis is that the fourth kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream statue was Rome.  Because Rome did not conquer Persia or Babylon, it is necessary for those holding this position to say it wasn’t necessary for the fourth kingdom to do so.  As way of proof, the author offers the English translations of the KJV and the obscure ISV.  (This book makes a habit of finding obscure translations and using them as “proof” of its points.)  The book also quotes a Hebrew scholar who states that the verse is somewhat unclear as to whether the Hebrew infers a conquest of the other kingdoms must take place.   The book then claims that the second half of verse 40 (where it states that the fourth kingdom will crush all of these) is simply a restatement of the first half and has no independent meaning of its own.  The books conclusion is that it was not necessary for Rome to conquer Persia and Babylon (which it didn’t) in order to qualify as the fourth kingdom.

Of all the English translations available, the two used by the book are the only two I could find that take that extreme minority position.  This is  not proof that the majority translations are incorrect.  It doesn’t even call the majority of translations into question.

The book also claims the Septuagint verse is “incomplete.”  This isn’t true.  The verse from the Septuagint appears below.  Immediately after it is the “Nelson” translation of the Greek:

And a fourth kingdom, which shall be strong as iron: as iron beats to powder and subdues all things, so shall it beat to powder and subdue. (Dan. 2:40 LXX)

And a fourth kingdom will be strong as iron: as iron pulverizes and forces all things to obey it,  in the same way it will pulverize these and force obedience. (Dan. 2:40 ) my own translation.

The Greek is 100% congruent with the majority translations which were taken from the Hebrew.  All of these are congruent with Joel Richardson’s original thesis as well. Reading the Greek translations, you can see the importance of the work “crush” or “pulverize” in relation to how Islam crushed the culture of their defeated foes.  Interestingly the nickname of ISIS is “crush” in the Arabic Language! (Daesh)  See IS ISIS FULFILLING PROPHECY?

The Holy Spirit through the pen of Daniel makes one more reference to “crush” in this passage.  It is an unexpected one that the author overlooks.

In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed, and that kingdom will not be left for another people; it will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, but it will itself endure forever. (Dan. 2:44 NASB)

Here we see the Kingdom of God crushing all these previous earthly kingdoms.  Jesus will conquer them completely and not leave a trace of their evil ways.  This complete conquest of the kingdoms by Christ shows what the term “crush” means back in verse 40 as well.  Isn’t it interesting that Christ is described as ruling with an “iron” scepter?  Iron crushes.  This further explanation of the word “crush” in Daniel 2:44 completely negates the book’s thesis.


The book then makes a very interesting suggestion: that Daniel 2 is a prophecy of the First Coming of Jesus.  It discusses the Rock that destroys the statue found in Dan. 2: 34-35.  The book goes into great detail how the rock isn’t Jesus but rather is his Kingdom which in the author’s opinion crushes Rome.  All of this is well and good, but it neglects an incredibly important point.  The rock crushes the statue after the “ten toes” are seen.  The vast majority of prophecy teachers (myself included) claim the ten toes are the ten kings of Revelation 17 and are part of the end time kingdom of the Antichrist.  Clearly Daniel 2 is not a prophecy of the First Coming of Jesus, but of the second coming.


Unfortunately, this is only a sampling of the misinterpretations found in Chapter One.  And this is only the first chapter of a long book that, in my opinion, stretches scripture where it shouldn’t go in order to prove a point.  I applaud the author’s challenge of the Islamic Antichrist position, but in my view, the book falls short of its goal.

In the final section of the book, however, the author compares Islamic eschatological  Haidiths to heretical, extra-biblical “Christian” writings of the first several centuries.  Amazingly, the author rather conclusively shows that Islamic eschatology is based to a large extent  on these heretical Christian writings.  If the author had based the book on these incredible findings, the book would be a roaring success.


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  1. all this is pure speculation only god knows for sure god has only 2fold pattern of revelation and proper interpretation characterizing apocalyptic literature

    1. Thanks for commenting Carol. Speculation is human thought. Thought backed up by scripture that is not refuted doesn’t seem quite so speculative. What do you mean by “two fold pattern of revelation and proper interpretation”? Does this mean near/far prophecies? Not sure of your meaning here.

  2. Nelson: I am not dismissive of the nuance you may have derived out of the word oros but finding a word used in various places in scripture appear to lend an understanding to its meaning. Oros is also used in Revelation 14:1 (NKJV)

    “Then I looked, and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him one hundred and forty four thousand having His Father’s name written on their foreheads. ”
    The mount of mount Zion is oros in its Greek context.

    It seems that the translation of Greek to English that first used mountains
    for oros came from William Tyndale (in his translation of the NT) who was being chased around Europe by officials of the Official Church during the time he was translating the New Testament. He even apparently sold some of his early translated copies to some church officials (which they promptly destroyed) to help support himself. Since that time, other translations have followed suit.

    To make oros hills instead of mountains in Revelation 17:9 would seem to have made things even more difficult for Tyndale. However, I would contend that to suggest a city who rules would never be exclusively on seven mountains.

    To draw a nuance of symbolism does not seem unjustified but it doesn’t seem to fit the complete context. Revelation 17:18 speaks of the woman who reigns over the kings of the earth. It is as if John was saying that what the woman represents was also present in 95 AD when John wrote Revelation and was ruling at that time.

    I have a sense here that in the plans and purposes of God that both hills and mountains were intended to be nuanced here. Hills, to identify Mystery Babylon, and mountains to possibly identify the extent of her influence.

    1. I’ll try to reply quickly Joseph. First there is a Greek word for hill, BOUNOS, that is not used in Rev. 17:9, second, Mount of Olives and Mount Zion are proper names. There are only two generic uses of OROS as hill in the Nt. In Mt. 5:14 (city on a hill) which has no specific reason to call it a hill. It could be city on a mountain. This is translator preference, probably the same translator who mistranslated Rev. 17:9. And Luke 4:29, where the citizens of Nazareth tried to push Jesus over the cliff. Not a strong case.

      We should always try to keep and open mind. In mine, I attempt to construct a probability that the word means this or that. I did that with a friend of mine who is convinced that the seals of Rev. 6 open before the beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel. I sent him 18 separate proofs that it doesn’t, I computed the odds as 1 in 100,000,000,000. He still held his view! I would say the odds here are not quite as bad, I don’t have 18 separate proofs, but the odds are certainly less than 1% that Rev. 17:9 means “hills.” I would go with the more likely meaning which is the MAIN meaning of the word unless there is some other overwhelming reason to choose “hills.” (and that reason must be biblical.) It can’t be “it’s possible to be this.” it needs to be “it is LIKELY to be this.” I’m sure you can’t say that about hills.

      1. Of the city on 7 mountains, at the time of this writing of Revelation ; 5 had fallen, 1 is and another is yet to come and he is of the 8th. No city sits on 7 mountains to which 5 fell and another is and another mountain that is to come and then also become part of an 8th mountain. This verse is not about topical geography. Hills is a translation error. Mountains are symbolic of kingdoms. The bible makes that clear. There are numerous geographical areas where cities are surrounded by mountains. God is not the author of confusion. Reading this verse in plain text is the simplest explanation. Since hills and mountains are not rising and falling and merging together then the simplest explanation is prophetic. Mountains means kingdoms with kings since kingdoms do rise and fall.

  3. Nelson, perhaps I should respond here that Wycliff’s translation was from the Latin Vulgate at an earlier season than the source document for the King James. However, with respect to the the word oros translated
    (Strong’s 3735) it seems that both mountain and hill are possible translations of the word with mountain being the predominate one.

    John also uses oros to refer to the Mount of Olives in John 8:1 so, perhaps his understanding of the word oros includes hill like mounts. If you compare the Mount of Olives and the hills of the city of seven hills you might see a similarity of stature.

    1. Joseph, thanks for a very good question. I know it’s a good question because it is the third time I’m answering it today. See my response to Henry above for your answer as well.

  4. As I consider Revelation 17 and 18 I see Mystery Babylon as a city and a city state that sits on 7 hills (Wycliff’s traslation) and sits on many waters with influence world wide. There may be many cities (prominent cities) of nation states but there are not many candidates for Mystery Babylon that are city states. Particularly when one factors in those that are known to have sinned with the kings of the earth and who fit the description in Revelation 17:6 of Mystery Babylon.

    It seems if you start with who Mystery Babylon is and take note of the strength and influence of the EU and the establishment of the Mediterranean Union it is not difficult to consider that at least at first the Beast Kingdom is ruled by the City of 7 hills. After Mystery Babylon is confronted according to Revelation 17:15-18 then where ever the man of sin originates from he appears to seize power and we are into the great tribulation.

    I am not sure whether the author mentioned above takes note of the previous mentioned thoughts, but this topic kind of got my attention so I am responding here.

    1. Joseph thanks for commenting. Mystery Babylon is a mystery I am not 100% ready to give a definitive answer on just yet. However, I can comment on the “7 hills” translation you mention. Unfortunately this is a mis-translation of the Greek word ORE found in Revelation 17:9. This word means “mountain” not hill. This mis-translation occurred when translators started with a misconception (the Antichrist is European) and “stretched” the passage in Rev. 17:9 to fit their theory rather than translating the word as it is. Unfortunately this mis-translation leads to a host of errors.

      We can be sure that “ORE” not only means mountain but is a symbol for “kingdom.” In Daniel 2:45 we see this same symbol used for Christ’s kingdom. In Jer. 51:25 Babylon is called a “destroying mountain.” (notice this is BABYLON! The Jeremiah passage is a direct reference and a clue to Mystery Babylon’s true identity.)

      So Rev. 17:9 correctly translated says that the 7 heads are 7 mountains (kingdoms) and 7 kings. These represent the 7 world kingdoms that Satan has used to try and thwart God’s plan of redemption: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Hellenistic (Greece), Rome, and Islam. For a full explanation of all of this, check out Chapter 6 of my new book. There is a section of that chapter that explains all this in much more detail. The book should be available in a month.

      1. Nelson, I would contend with you on Islam being the sixth kingdom. I feel the Mongolian Empire fits better.It was larger than any other Empire of the world.
        I also believe that RevelatIon is telling us a global kingdom is coming. It will have a capital and the President will
        be the Antichrist who will reign from this capital city.

        1. Henry, as I just responded to Joseph, thank you for your question. I have had forms of this same question 3 times now today, so this is a “hot” topic today. Let’s start at the beginning and I’ll get to your question in a bit. John opens most of his books with quotes from elsewhere in the Bible. John begins his Gospel with “In the Beginning” quoting Genesis. Revelation uses a quote from Daniel “things that must take place (Gk: HA DEI GENESTHAI)” This phrase “bookends” (first and last verse) the section of Daniel about Nebuchadnezzar’s statue. John “bookends” the entire book of Revelation (verses 1:1 and 22:6) with this same Greek phrase to show he will explain the metal statue prophecy in Revelation. This is a key point very few Bible teachers understand. Rev. 17:9 is part (not all) of that explanation.

          The Holy Spirit thru the inspired pen of John shows us in Rev. 17:9 that there are 8 prophetic kingdoms not just the 5 shown in the metal statue dream. He uses the term “mountain” to differentiate these prophetic kingdoms that are used by Satan from ordinary kingdoms like the Mongolian empire or the Chinese empire. John quotes the metal statue dream directly in his use of the term “mountain” for kingdom (Dan. 2:44) to let his readers know he is explaining the statue dream. This term is also used in Jer. 51:25 in regard to Babylon which will be important in identifying Mystery Babylon as well. THIS IS WHY HE DOES SAY & KINGDOMS AND & KINGS directly but uses 7 mountains instead, to differentiate these prophetic kingdoms from run of the mill kingdoms like Great Brittan, USA, Mongolia, etc.

          He does not tell us what makes a kingdom a prophetic kingdom, but based on the ones we know we can guess. We know Babylon, Persia, Hellanistic, Rome and Antichrist (10 Kings) Empire for sure. We know Rome is the sixth (John states “one is”). We know each of these Kingdoms persecuted the Jews and later the Christians. They attempted to defeat God’s plan of redemption.

          Putting all this information together, we know one prophetic kingdom exists between Rome and the coming Antichrist (10 Kings) empire. It will have to have been one that persecuted Jews and Christians and tried to defeat God’s plan of redemption. Only the Islamic Caliphate qualifies. Interestingly, each successive empire defeated the preceding empire. Islam defeated Rome by conquering Constantinople in the 1400’s. It is a perfect match for the 7th prophetic Kingdom.

          In answer to Joseph, now that you see all this information on why the symbol of mountain is so perfect a match, “stretching” the use of ORE to mean “hill”, especially in a symbolic section of scripture where nearly every other thing is a symbol is just an attempt to make the Bible say what one wants it to say, not really letting the Bible speak clearly.

  5. Henry,

    I do not think Jerusalem is the harlot, Nelson is correct about using Rev. 17 & 18 as a true map to understand who the best candidate is to be. Therefore, I will submit my candidate to be Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam as “Mystery Babylon”. If you read Jack Smith’s book, “Islam: Cloak of the Antichrist” you will gain a great deal of insight into the matter. Mr. Smith is a pastor who has a wide girth of knowledge on the subject.


  6. I have read alot of Chris Whites’ work and I think he makes a pretty good case for it to be more likely that the Anti-Christ to be Jewish.
    Everyone here seems to very familiar with Islamic eschatology, but who is familiar with Jewish eschatology?
    They long to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and even have all of its instruments ready to install.
    No Christian should see the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem as the will of God.
    The Quran has its own version of end times events. Either the Bible is right or the Quran is right. You cant go mixing its eschatology with that of the Bible. I stick to it exclusively.
    The Bible is a book centered around Israel and the Jews. It began with Israel and will end with Israel. No need to look at any other nation for the Anti-Christ. They denied the one true Messiah, but await an impostor who will give them the Messiah they want.
    Jesus said, “I come in my fathers name and you receive me not, but another shall come in his own name, him you will recieve”.
    Sad, but we should pray for Israel to receive the true Messiah.

    1. Henry, thanks for your reply. Heretical eschatology, Islamic or Jewish, proves nothing. Only the inerrant Bible proves anything. I don’t subscribe to an Islamic Antichrist because of their Quran. The match-ups between their eschatology and ours is interesting, may cause them to follow him blindly, and may give us insight into the nature of the deception coming. That is all.

      The foreshadows and pictures of the Antichrist all point to a gentile, Pharaoh, Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar, Nero, Mohammed. Add to that all the names of the Antichrist: the Assyrian, the King of Tyre, the King of Babylon, the King of the North. Add to that the extensive judgment on all the peoples round about upon Jesus’s return. Add to that the extensive OT pictures like Jericho, Gideon, Jacob and Esau, that all point to Islamic nations, etc., etc. All of this and we haven’t even looked at one Bible verse, . . . yet. Then you open the specific verses and they are extensive.

      I respect you view, but it is not consistent with the whole of scripture.

      1. Nelson,
        how can you say the belief that the Anti-Christ will be Jewish is not consistent with scripture? Have you figured out who is the harlot in Revelation? (Jerusalem) Isaiah said, “how the faithful city has become a harlot”. Jesus said that no prophet would perish outside Jerusalem. The harlot kills the saints and the prophets.
        Should the temple be rebuilt? God forbid.
        “The stone the builders rejected has become the cheif cornerstone”.
        How familiar are you with the concept of Messiah Ben-Joseph and Messiah Ben-David? They are waiting? Who will come?

        1. Henry, any theory has to be consistent with the full testimony of scripture. A Jewish Antichrist isn’t consistent in any aspect I’ve seen. In regard to the Harlot, first, Jerusalem is consistent with an Islamic Antichrist as well. The Antichrist invades Jerusalem as per Luke 21 and makes it his capital. When examining where Mystery Babylon is, do not start in Isaiah, start in Revelation. Look at Rev. 17 and 18 and write down and look up all the old testament references IN GREEK. There are a lot of them. Remember John was using a Greek Old Testament for his quotes. There are many, many quotes. They will help you understand better what the passage in Revelation is about.

          As far as the two Jewish Messiahs, these are from heretical Jewish writings just as the Islamic writings are heretical. I trust only the inerrant word. Nelson

  7. Phil, the Romans only took over Babylon for a few months from 116-117 A.D. – and never conquered Persia. Even your wikipedia link map says the lands shown are at the Roman Empire’s peak in 117 A.D. Islam conquered (and brutally subjugated) Greek, Babylonian, and Persian empires completely.

  8. Hi Nelson,

    I haven’t read the book you reviewed, so I am not defending it in any way. But I am somewhat amazed at this claim of Joel Richardson that you have accepted, seemingly without examining the historical facts.

    You said “Islam conquered each of the preceding kingdoms of the statue (Babylon, Persia and Greece) while Rome only conquered Greece.”

    Take a look at the map of the Roman Empire on this Wikipedia link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Empire
    Scroll to the bottom right of the page and click on the link that shows the 51 modern day country names that the Roman Empire encompassed.


    Phil Mayo

  9. I agree with you, Nelson, that what Matthew refers to is professing Christians who leave (apostate) the Christianity faith because of the powerful false deception during the Great Tribulation by the Muslim Jesus (“Isa al-Masih”) is the equivalent in the Book of Revelation’s false prophet. This is made abundantly clear in the ground-breaking book by Joel Richardson’s “Islamic Antichrist”.

    It cannot not be any clearer that the church will indeed endure the Great Tribulation so that the chaff (false Christians) and wheat (genuine Christians) will be obviously and publicly separated so that the Church will be ultimately tested for her faith in Christ.

    What a dreadful time this will be…


    1. Hi Phil, thanks for your comments. Here is a Wikipedia article that fully details the history of the 7 century long war between the Romans and the various kingdoms that occupied ancient Persia. As you will see Rome occupied the city of Babylon for one year in 116 AD. They never fully occupied Persia. At no time did they “crush” either Babylon or Persia.

      In contrast Islam still occupies these kingdoms today. All aspects of ancient Babylonian language, religion and culture have been supplanted by Islam.

    2. Good4U, thanks for your comments. Dreadful in one perspective, glorious in another. Our adversary wants us to fear and dread this time precisely because it is the testimony and faithfulness of the church that will assist in having him cast out of Heaven (Rev. 12). The biblical picture of this time is the saints circling the city of Jericho carrying the Ark of the Covenant (Jesus) and showing the Lord to the world. For six years the inhabitants of the “city” will fire fiery arrows at the saints. Some will be wounded. But it is their circling of the city that is part of the battle plan given them by Jesus (the Commander of the Army of the Lord). God allows us to be an integral part of the victory.

  10. Nelson,

    What is the basis for Mr. White’s assertion that the AC will be Jewish? There is a well-known TV preacher who believes this as well, who says that “the Jews will never accept a Muslim messiah.”

    Is it at all possible that the AC could be a man (in the Islamic world) who may have some Jewish roots, who may or may not know it, or if he does is keeping it quiet for now? Why or why not? Just asking.

    1. Chris has a book that states his opinion called “False Christ.” There is no scriptural basis for a Jewish AC. All foreshadows from Nimrod to Pharaoh to Antiochus are all gentiles. Why do the Jews have to accept him? Daniel 11 tells us he attempts an invasion of Israel in the first half of Daniel’s 70th Week and accomplishes it at the Midpoint (also see Luke 21). From that point on he pursues the Woman (Israel). It appears that he signs a treaty with them, but that is far from accepting him as Messiah. It’s the Christians who accept him and fall away from my reading of Matthew.

      My guess is the TV preacher is Pre-Trib. When you don’t realize that the Church will endure (and overcome) the 70th Week of Daniel, all sorts of error enters in as commentators try to fit the Olivet Discourse into the prophetic picture without the church present.

  11. It is pains me Nelson, to see prophecy rapidly unfold, only to have someone go to great length to tread on a clear correlation between prophetic scripture and events occurring in the Middle East. I find it disturbing that someone would actually attempt to influence Christians to continue looking toward a prophetically inactive region of the world, instead of examining what is clearly in front of us right now. I would ask Chris, what is he after – truth or book sales?

        1. I enjoy a lot of Chris’s material. The beast comes out of the “sea” (gentile nations), the false prophet arises out of the land (Israel). This can be read many ways. I favor the false prophet being Isa, the Myslim Jesus but that isn’t the only way to read it.

  12. I call people like this the TWISTER PRETZEL MAKERS…….. the plain fact is that Daniel 11 is the antichrist and he is the king of the north, persian or somewhere thereabouts. And of course that makes him Islamic….. and one of the major facts about the end times is the FLEE word-so many sort of disregard this word. Its there. Why? because Islamic armies would indeed rape and pillage and even hurt pregnant women as Jesus said they would.

    Joel 2:20 I will drive the northern king far away fro you when I come back

    Isaiah 10: The assyrian in my land will be judged

    Micah 5 when the assyrian marches into our land….

    Ez 38 Gog are you not THE ONE all the prophets have spoken of>????

    Jeremiah, on THE DAY the NORTHERN KING invades Israel during PEACE!

    Only Islamic nations are north of ISrael……

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