What Does the Bible Say About Erdogan’s Future?

By: Nelson Walters

Author: Are We Ready For Jesus? (May 2015)

Obviously the Bible does not name Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, by name. This post contains speculation on my part.  However, the Bible does have a lot to say about the future of Turkey and one of its leaders known as the “prominent horn.”  If the nation of Turkey and Erdogan stay on their current course, we should be able to surmise a bit from these prophecies. What will Erdogan’s future hold?

Let’s look at what Daniel 8 has to say.  We studied this is greater depth in ARE WE ABOUT TO SEE IRAN FULFILL DANIEL 8? and WILL IRAN FULFILL DANIEL 8 NOW SAUDI LEADER IS DEAD? (check out these other posts for more information.)

I saw the ram butting westward, northward, and southward, and no other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power, but he did as he pleased and magnified himself.  While I was observing, behold, a male goat was coming from the west over the surface of the whole earth without touching the ground; and the goat had a conspicuous horn between his eyes.  He came up to the ram that had the two horns, which I had seen standing in front of the canal, and rushed at him in his mighty wrath.  I saw him come beside the ram, and he was enraged at him; and he struck the ram and shattered his two horns, and the ram had no strength to withstand him. So he hurled him to the ground and trampled on him, and there was none to rescue the ram from his power.  (Dan. 8:4-7 NASB)

We looked at these verses in the previously mentioned posts.  We learned that the ram was modern-day Iran and the male goat was modern day Turkey.  Let’s review why that is so.  First the angel Gabriel tells Daniel that the entire vision applies to the “time of the end.”  In fact, he tells him this 3 times.

He (Gabriel) said to me, “Son of man, understand that the vision pertains to the time of the end.”  Now while he was talking with me, I sank into a deep sleep with my face to the ground; but he touched me and made me stand upright.  He said, “Behold, I am going to let you know what will occur at the final period of the indignation, for it pertains to the appointed time of the end. (Dan. 8: 17-19 NASB)

Because some of the events in the vision are similar to events that happened historically, most commentators have chosen to ignore the obvious meaning of this passage.  Gabriel could not be more plain.  The entire vision applies to the “appointed time of the end and the final indignation.”  This is prophecy for our time, our day.

Next let’s review why the ram is Iran and the goat is Turkey.

The ram which you saw with the two horns represents the kings of Media and Persia.  The shaggy goat represents the kingdom of Greece, and the large horn that is between his eyes is the first king. (Dan. 8: 20, 21 NASB)

Media and Persia were ancient nations, but we know the vision applies to the time of the end.  By this we realize that the vision is about the modern nation that now occupies the area of ancient Media and Persia.  This is Iran.  In Ezekiel 38, we learn of many ancient nations that will participate in the Gog/Magog War.  All commentators realize that this prophecy is also related to the end times and all attempt to find the modern equivalent nations.  Calling the Ram Iran is no different.

The goat is called Greece but this is a mis-translation.  The actual word translated “Greece” in our English Bibles is Yavan.  Yavan was an ancient people who populated the Islands of eastern Greece and the western mainland of Turkey.  This area’s prominent city is Istanbul.  Yavan is modern Turkey not Greece.  We are proposing that the large horn seen in the vision is Erdogan.


Now that we know the players and timing of the prophecy, let’s look at what events occur. The first thing we notice is that Iran is going to invade the Middle East.  We see the ram “headbutting” west, north and south.  The prophecy also indicates that no one is going to oppose the ram and he will do as he pleases and will become great.  We aren’t told why no one opposes the ram, but who would have guessed a couple of years ago that the US President would be supporting Iran as a possible ally?

We are told the direction that Iran’s forces go but not told the specific countries or regions that it invades.  We can only surmise.  It will almost assuredly include Iraq (west), Syria (north) and portions of Saudi Arabia (south).  Might Iran even invade Mecca and Medina, Islam’s holiest cities?  Is this the reason that the goat (Turkey) counterattacks the ram in a great rage? It might be.

Iran is Shia Muslim,  Turkey is Sunni Muslim.  There is a natural hatred between the two branches.  If the Shia of Iran were to control Mecca this would certainly be a reason for Turkey to counterattack.  We know from this Bible passage in Daniel 8 that the counterattack comes by means of the air.  This could be bombs, missiles or paratroopers.  We aren’t sure.  What we do know is the counterattack crushes Iran.   In the wake of the counter invasion Turkey will control a huge segment of the Middle East.


The Bible calls Turkey’s leader “the prominent horn.”  Is this Erdogan?  We don’t know.  We do know this leader will become “exceedingly great” according to Daniel.  Might this mean he is named Caliph or even Mahdi (Islamic messiah)?  I think it absolutely could mean that.  A recent article by Walid Shoebot indicates that Erdogan’s supporters are already tweeting  statements that infer Erdogan should be Mahdi or at least Caliph.  Erdogan seems an ideal candidate to assume these roles after a successful defeat of the Iranians.  All Christians should be aware that the “prominent horn” will appear to be the Antichrist.  He is not.  The Antichrist comes later.  We must be sure not to be deceived.

The fate of this “prominent horn” is very interesting.  Daniel 8 indicates at the height of his power he is “broken off” and the newly formed Turkish empire is divided into four nations.  Broken off means he looses power.  Either he dies or is removed from power. This is highly unusual.  This is not a normal succession of power.  Yes, this is similar to what happened with Alexander the Great (an historic foreshadow of these events), but modern nations usually have natural successors.  During Alexander’s day his son was still very young and unable to assume the throne.  In today’s modern world, it is almost unimaginable that an empire of this strength and wealth would break up on its own.

Let’s imagine for a moment what might cause these traumatic events.  In my opinion this division of an empire is imposed, either from without or from within.  A monolithic empire encompassing most of the Middle East and controlling 1/3 of the world’s oil would be an enormous threat to the rest of the world.  It is not easy to imagine Russia/China/USA directly invading this empire but it’s more likely they overcome the empire from within.

The break-up of the empire is biblical; why it breaks up is speculative on my part.  We know the Antichrist (the little horn) will arise after this break-up.  Might the Antichrist, who is a master of intrigue, have a hand in the death/removal of the “prominent horn?”  To me the breadcrumbs lead directly to his doorstep.  Might he work in combination with the world powers like the USA?  He might, or this may be a completely “inside job” and he works with other Islamic forces to overthrow the “prominent horn.”  We notice that the empire breaks into four new nations.  Are these four of the “ten kings” that are prophesied in Daniel 2, Daniel 7 and Revelation 17?  I think they almost have to be.  The the ten kings may fear the “prominent horn,” help the Antichrist overthrow him, and break his empire up into manageable segments.  It may be at this exact moment when the alliance of these ten kings forms.

Whatever the cause of the break-up of Turkey’s empire we know it occurs, and out of one of the new sub-nations, the Antichrist will arise.  This makes this prophecy enormously important.  We have likely just looked at future world history over the next 5 years (or even 10 possibly.)  Will Erdogan play a role?  I think he will but that is speculation, but a Turkish leader will play the part the Bible has laid out for the “prominent horn.”  Here is what we are sure of at this point:

  • Iran will invade the Middle East and become “great”
  • Turkey will counter attack Iran and its leader will become “exceedingly great.”
  • Turkey’s leader will be “broken off.”
  • The new Turkish Empire will be divided into four nations.
  • The Antichrist will arise from one of these four.

We need to be watchful as our Lord commands.

25 thoughts on “What Does the Bible Say About Erdogan’s Future?”

  1. Rev 13:16-18 “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”

    So when someone is a potential fulfillment as the antichrist from all scriptures then we can check his name to know for sure to see if it equals 666.

    Go to-


    It is interesting to note that if you type in ‘Recep Erdogan’ on this site his name equals 666. I am not trying to be absolute here as right now Erdogan seems to fit the ‘large horn’ but we don’t know how it will turn out. Could the large horn be broken by a deadly wound and later be revived as a little horn? Probably not, but it is just crazy that his name equals 666. Note Mohammad Dahlan does not equal 666, i tried his middle name also. (Jeanne, i don’t know much about this man.)

  2. Nelson,

    All Glory to God

    I was not going to respond because I agreed that it is pointless having a long debate on the comment section. However, the Lord showed me a verse last night which I had not noticed before. Hosea 7v16… “they are like a deceitful bow”.

    I believe this is a message more to you than to myself so I decided to pass it on. What I received is the 1st seal (Rev 6v2) refers to where the AntiChrist gets his first crown (leader of the Turkey), note he had none b4 he was given one, but he did have a bow of deceit (Dan 11v21 “…and obtain the kingdom by flatteries”). This I believe places Dan 11v21 as where the 1st seal is opened.

    My argument about the covenant was concerning the 2nd Seal war which you place at Dan 11v25, I place it at Verse 22. I believe Verse 25 represents the 4th Seal war. This takes place only a specific part of the earth (Rev 6v7-8). Just a clarification.

    I look forward to reading your book

    God Bless


    1. Hosea 7:16 is a great, great verse. Interesting how bow is again a symbol of deceit. Thank you for sharing it. This passage in Hosea is about Ephraim, but can apply to Rev. 6:2 as showing that the bow is deceitful. Rev. 6:2’s primary reference is the reference in Genesis 9 given the law of primacy. It regards the Covenant with the Many as was discussed in my last post. Hosea 7:16 shows that the covenant is deceitful.

  3. Hi Nelson,

    All Glory to God

    I’m sorry. I just copy/pasted what I wrote to Mark (bit lazy of me I know). I see that our views are not so far off. I disagree with some aspects of your proposal but respect your opinion. I will outline a few things

    I believe the “covenant” is a treaty to end the war. History shows (my dream apart) that the league of nations came after World War 1 and the UN after WW2. The Beast will come after a major global conflagration, the 10 Kingdoms (regional organizations like the EU) will form it’s security council.

    I believe Dan 11v21 is the opening of the 1st seal. Notice the rider has a bow but no arrows. Signifying that he lacks REAL power. This power only comes after he’s appointed head of the Beast UN.

    I believe the mark of the beast comes after he becomes King (Verse 36). I think he will use financial crisis to seize global multi-lateral financial institutions and cement control over a global reserve currency. All these will be critical for him to bring about the mark of the beast at a later date.

    I believe the great “falling away” takes place in Vs 30…”he shall return and direct his attention to those FORSAKE THE HOLY COVENANT (the church/gospel of Jesus Christ)”.

    I believe the 5th Seal is also opened in Vs 30…”he shall…have indignation against the holy covenant (church/gospel) and will ACT”. What you describe in Vs 32/33 is what takes place after the rapture where the saints are given unto his hand (see Dan7v21-22).

    The 7th Seal is the great tribulation (Rev 8). This lasts for 3.5 years. Notice Vs 36 says “for that which is DETERMINED shall be done. The word “determined” refers to judgement. You see the same word use in 9v26-27 in relation to desolations (trespasses).

    Let me know what you think

    God Bless


    1. Actually Curtis, if you carfully read Dan 11 you’ll see that the Covenant does happen after a war, just as you said. We just disagree about the verse. Look at Daniel 11: 21-23

      “In his place a despicable person will arise, on whom the honor of kingship has not been conferred, but he will come in a time of tranquility and seize the kingdom by intrigue. The overflowing forces will be flooded away before him and shattered, and also the prince of the covenant. After an alliance is made with him he will practice deception, and he will go up and gain power with a small force of people.”

      Notice that before the alliance is made in verse 23, overwhelming forces are shattered before him INCLUDING the prince of the covenant (Israeli commander). So the AC makes the Covenant after a battle from a prosition of strength. The bow in Rev. 6:1-2 is a source of misunderstanding for almost everyone. The law of primacy of bible interpretation says we need to look back at the first use of the symbol. Shockingly we find that refernce John was making back in Genesis 9:13 ” I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth.” God hung up his weapon (his bow) in the sky as a sign of a COVENANT. See how perfect this is? The bow in Rev. 6 is a “sign of the covenant with the earth” between the AC, the world and Israel. And yes, the word in Genesis 9 is “bow” not rainbow, and yes it is the first symbolic use of “bow” in the bible. Hope all that helps. Hopefully when my second book comes out you can pick up a copy and work through these things from the beginning.

      The big problem everyone makes is not tracing the references in Revelation back to their OT sources and just thinking a “bow” is just a bow and arrow. There are hundreds of OT and NT references in Revelation. Once understood it “comes alive” with meaning.

      We will end our discussion of all this here. Can’t discuss a 500 page book in a comments section.

  4. Hi Nelson,

    I will post on here what I have previously posted on Daniel Revisted Blog. All Glory to God

    I have received the explanation to Daniel 11. I am afraid your 2nd signpost has already passed because Iran has already invaded much of the middle east through proxies. This invasion started right after the fall of Saddam. Iran is the king of the south because it controls Gaza thru Hamas (one of its proxies), Dan 11v14 says “in those times many shall stand up against the King of the South”. Today many have stood up against Iran’s influence in the region with Israel as one of the chief detractors .

    We are on your 3rd signpost which relates to the rise of the King of the North (Turkey) which will begin with the Turkish invasion (which is imminent) of Syria and siege of Damascus, this is prophesied in Dan 11v15 (as well as other bible verses. I believe Erdogan will be the Turkish leader who carries out this operation and it will be with the connivance of Israel among others (“he shall stand in the land of beauty”) with humanitarian concerns as cover (“…to come with the strength of his whole kingdom and upright ones with him” Dan 11v17). However Israel will not support his ambitions in the middle east (“but she shall stand neither will she be for him”). I think Turkey’s actions in the siege of Damascus will lead to a rise in international tensions. Erdogan will fall from power through a scandal from inside his government and will end up either dead or in prison (Dan 11v18-19)

    This is where it gets interesting because possibly the 2nd successor to Erdogan (or the Turkish leader that invades Syria) will be the AntiChrist. Here the 1st seal of Revelations opens (this is contrary to your theory I know).The 2nd seal opens in Dan 11v22 “and the overflowing forces (invading forces) shall be overflowed (returned) from b4 him (the AntiChrist plays a major role in peace negotiations) and shall be broken (demobilized): yea, also the prince of the covenant” (I believe this is a reference to the US the prince of NATO which Turkey is a member of). This I’m afraid is World War 3…I have seen this in a dream and the primary combatants were the US and Russia. There is a possibility nuclear weapons may be involved.

    Verse 23 refers the start of the 70th week (see also Dan 9v27), the emergence of the New World Order and the beast United Nations (with the AntiChrist as head) with the ten Kingdoms which are regional organizations like the EU (“he…shall become strong with a small people”)

    Verse 24 refers to the 3rd seal of revelations (global financial meltdown and famine), the AntiChrist scatters “spoil, prey and substance” (Aid) in the fattest places of the province. Rev 6v6 says “a measure of wheat for a penny and 3 measures of barley for a penny”. The AntiChrist will use this crisis to amass more power (“he shall plan his devices against the fortified places, even for a time”)

    Verse 25 refers to the 4th seal of revelations (war in a specific part of the earth). This war takes place in the middle east (4th part of the earth) only this time the beast is one of the combatants.

    Verse 28… the holy covenant (the church) is first mentioned, by Verse 30 the AntiChrist goes to war with the Church (the 5th seal is opened). Verse 30 is the last time the “holy covenant” (the Church of Jesus Christ) is mentioned, this is because it (the Church)is raptured (6th Seal) around this time. The rapture happens either just b4 or just after the AntiChrist breaks his agreement with Israel and stops the prayer at the Western Wall (the continual sacrifice).I hold my observations about this for now.

    Verse 36…the AntiChrist’s 42 month career (Rev 13v5) as King of the world begins (Satan’s kingdom begins).The great tribulations also starts (“he shall proper until INDIGNATION be accomplished: for that which is DETERMINED shall be done”). The 7th seal is opened

    I leave it here for now. Let me know what you think.


    1. Hi Curtis, Please remember that Mark Davidson and I do not share all the same views. I do NOT think Daniel 8 is related to Rev. 6 like he does and I do NOT share his views on Daniel 11. That said, my views on Daniel 11 actually are closer to yours. My first book is due out August 28th but doesn’t discuss Daniel 11 to any extent. My second book is 3/4 finished (over 500 pages) and I analyze Revelation using the hundreds of OT and NT references in Rev. Hopefully it will be eye-opening to the Church.In that Book I do an indepth analsyis of all these verses.

      Now I tend to stay very tight to the biblical text, only taking what it says without embellishing or adding. Although I “think” all of Daniel 11 is yet future (the Radical Futurist View), IMO we can only scripturally prove that the AC enters the picture in verse 21. You mention dreams, etc. I don’t wish to discount these for you personally and what God has revealed to you. Regarding this site, we stick to the Biblical text. Here’s what I have for alignment of the seals and Dan. 11:

      Dan. 11:21-22 are pre-70th Week as AC arises.
      Dan. 11:23 is first seal, this “agreement” mentioned is Covenant with the Many
      Dan. 11:24 is second seal, notice war starts in time of tranquility due to the covenant, then AC takes peace from the world (Rev. 6:4)
      Dan. 11:25 continues second seal war, notice King of the South. Jesus refers to this in Matt. 24 and Luke 21 with the phrase “Kingdom against Kingdom” which is a direct quote from Isaiah 19 which is the war between Assyria and Egypt
      Dan. 11:26 mentions food, this “may” be third seal when Mark of the Beast is instituted
      Dan. 11:27-28 provides more infomation about this 3rd year of the 70th Week. Notice he takes “action” against Israel, this is the beginning of the 420 day siege that we learn about in Ezekiel.
      Dan. 11:29-30 shows another attack on Egypt that is turned away by western warships and the attack on Israel
      Dan. 11:31 is the 4th seal and the Abomiantion of Desolation and beginning of the Great Tribulation
      Dan. 11:32 shows the height of the great falling away
      Dan. 11:33-35 is probably the 5th seal as many are martyred
      Dan. 11:36-39 details specifics about the religious spiritual aspects of AC
      Dan. 11:40-44 details the specifics about the warfare of the AC
      Dan. 11:45 shows him at the very end: Armageddon which is 7th Bowl
      Dan. 12:1a shows heavens view of what allows the Great Tribulation to begin, Michael stands to fight Satan and no longer restrains the Beast
      Dan. 12:1b is the seventh seal where the 7 sealed scroll is opened revealing the names of those written in the Book of Life
      Dan. 12:2 is the resurrection at the 7th seal
      Dan. 12:3 is the Rapture at the seventh seal as we are changed in a moment and “shine” with the glory of God
      Dan. 12:4a shows the 7 sealed scroll being sealed and the names of the righteous hidden till it is opened
      Dan. 12:4b shows you and I discussing these verses. Just kidding (sort of) but what I think this really is is John writing Revelation which explains all this.

      This is a perfect, chronologic view of the 7 years of the 70th Week. Only seal missing is the 6th. I can’t wait to share my second book where all this is found. Hopefully it will be out next year. There are 8 of these “pictures” chronologically of the 70th week and there is a chapter on each in my second book.

    1. Janae, I believe we should be watching for signs, the road map Christ gave us. Could the AC arise that soon? Sure. But it could be a decade or two after that as well. Iran, Turkey, 4 nations, 10 kings and then the AC. If it is longer than Walid predicts we have more time to awaken the Church. That is my focus: awaken the Church.

  5. Hi Nelson. Would you comment on the events described in the article and the coming of Christ from the perspective of there being not seven years remaining in the week, but 3 1/2? I am looking at the Prince that is cut off half-way through the Daniel’s final week as the crucifixion and the final 42 months appear to me to be the wrath period culminating in Armageddon. How would this time frame fit the events above if the last 3 1/2 years begins with the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place and the dividing of Jerusalem? Thank you!

    1. Hi Dagian. To my reading scripture doesn’t support that view. In Daniel 9:27 it says “he” makes a covenant with the many for one seven. That would make “he” to be Jesus. Why only one seven? If this is the New Covenant in His blood, it is an eternal covenant and didn’t start until the midpoint. Returning to Daniel 9:27, at the midpoint “he” (consistency requires this still be Jesus) causes sacrifices to cease. Sacrifices became ineffective at that point but did not cease. It was 40 years later. Those are just two of many reasons I don’t support that view. Hope that helps. Nelson

  6. Amen! Thanks Nelson. Once translated, I’ll pass them on to my mailing list…

    Blessings, love & shalom,


  7. Dear Nelson,

    Thank you for your feedback and wise comments.

    I have on my heart to translate a few of your articles. Would that be OK with you?

    Blessings from France,


  8. Dear Nelson,

    Merci for your answer. You could be right! I guess time will tell!

    If I may, can I ask you your opinion about your expected timing before the return of Yeshua/Jesus?

    Tim Warner’s chronology places it circa 2036 (the last week of Daniel starting during the Jubilee year of 2028/29.

    Other think the unfolding of the last days event will occur long before that (2023).
    What would your expectation be?

    Just curious!




    1. Ah, you have asked the question I won’t answer. Date setting is dangerous. If we set a date before the actual return of Christ, and it actually occurs after that, the effect of “crying wolf” is that followers become “dulled” to the signs of his actual return (they say we won’t get fooled again, and when the actual wolf comes they miss it.) Setting a date beyond his return is just as dangerous,as followers won’t see the clear signs happening because they are waiting for a later date. My new book discusses these dangers in depth in Chapter 5.

      I believe we should be watching for the signs of Jesus’ coming not guessing. We know from Dan. 7:8 that the Antichrist arises and plucks out 3 of the 10 kings BEFORE the 70th Week of Daniel. So these events must take place before that:

      1. Iran invades the Middle East
      2. Turkey counterattacks
      3. The prominent horn is broken off and the empire is split in 4
      4. The ten kings arise
      5. The Antichrist plucks out 3 kings

      If Christ returns in 2023 that would mean all these things happen in a year (during 2015-2016). Possible but not that likely. That is a lot of events in a short time. Might that be a “shabua” (7 years) of time? Maybe. That is why watching for actual bible-based signs is so important.

      Two thirds of Christian leaders world wide expect Christ to return in the next 35 years. I am one of them. That’s why our ministry is focused on awakening the Church. Blessings, Nelson

  9. Bonjour Nelson,

    Thank you for your great posts and your insights.

    I have a few questions for you.

    you write: “Might Iran even invade Mecca and Medina, Islam’s holiest cities? Is this the reason that the goat (Turkey) counterattacks the ram in a great rage? It might be”.

    Where would you place Isaiah’s 21.2 prophecy (Elam attacking Saoudi Arabia) in your proposed scenario?

    Walid Shoebat thinks that Iran may use its atomic bomb to nuke Saudi Arabia as a direct result to the above Isaiah 21 prophecy.
    What’s your understanding on this issue?

    Also, several passages talk about Saudi Arabia being burnt to the ground. When would this happen according to your reckoning? During Iran’s invation of the Middle East and its becoming “great” or after?

    Merci pour tes réponses (thank you for your answers!).

    Blessings from far away France,

    Shalom shalom,


    1. FX, This is not an easy question, Bible scholars have many mixed thoughts on this, but here are mine. If you read about the fall of Mystery Babylon from Rev. 17-18 that Isaiah 21 quotes, John is told this by one of the Angels pouring out the bowls. I assume therefore this occurs during the 7 bowls. I don’t have time to go into why on this brief comment, but I believe the bowls are poured out in the 30 day period AFTER the 70th Week of Daniel ends, between Daniel’s 1260 and 1290 days. This places the bowls within a month of Armageddon.

      If Mystery Babylon is Saudi Arabia/Mecca then it is judged with fire very late in the process. Isa. 21 says this “Fallen, fallen is Babylon; and all the images of her gods are shattered on the ground.” I can’t see Iran shattering Allah to the ground, so I don’t see Isa. 21 fulfillment just yet. But maybe I’m wrong.

      I do see the ram charging south and invading Saudi Arabia, just not the destruction with fire just yet. Of course time will tell.

  10. Regarding the AC becoming strong with a “small people”, interestingly I recently heard a quote attributed to Lawrence of Arabia, which basically said that unless the Arabs could unite, they would always be a “small people”.

    Also, here’s a an interesting fellow, the “type” of figure who could fulfill the role of the AC:


    As I wrote elsewhere:

    “Dahlan is the former leader of Fatah in Gaza. Interestingly, he speaks fluent Hebrew, which he learned during his numerous imprisonments in Israel. According to Wikipedia, “Dahlan was chosen to head the Preventive Security Force in Gaza after the signing of the Oslo Accords. He built up a force of 20,000 men, making him one of the most powerful Palestinian leaders, dealing regularly with the CIA and Israeli intelligence officials.”

    Benjamin Netanyahu has been in talks with Dahlan as well.

    I found an article dated February 6, 2014, with the following on Dahlan:

    FTA: “In contrast, Dahlan is believed by some senior level government officials in Jerusalem to genuinely desire peace with Israel. Supporters of the discussions inside the Israeli government also believe that Dahlan could act as an important bridge between the West Bank and Gaza, which was at one point Dahlan’s power center, according to the report… Furthermore, Dahlan himself has claimed that he, and not Abbas, can be counted on to bring peace. Dahlan reportedly sent a letter to the American government in 2010 in which he said that, “There is no choice but to replace Abbas with someone who can deliver results.”


    Dahlan’s bold assertion that he can be “counted on to bring peace” and “deliver results” seems to reveal a confident, if not egotistical, personality, the sort of individual who is given to using “flatteries”, and ingratiating himself with those are in positions to advise and influence policy makers in order to advance his agenda. (Note that he wrote a letter to the USG.) It would not be surprising that pro-Palestinian/pro-Muslim elements in our own Government (including our intelligence agencies), who are eager for “peace” and a Palestinian state, would seek to dialogue with the likes of Dahlan and be “flattered” (and deceived?) by him. He will be interesting to watch.”

  11. FTA: “Might the Antichrist, who is a master of intrigue, have a hand in the death/removal of the “prominent horn?”……Might he work in combination with the world powers like the USA? He might, or this may be a completely “inside job” and he works with other Islamic forces to overthrow the “prominent horn.”

    This is an interesting thought and a very real possibility. Daniel 11:21 says “he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries” (some translations say “by intrigue”) I take this to mean he won’t inherit a throne. It could mean he is elected, but with machinations behind the scenes.

    It would not at all surprise me if, for example, the U.S., via its intelligence agencies, would help install the little horn. The intelligence agencies serve the POTUS. We’ve installed leaders before (e.g., the Shah of Iran) — and we’ve helped oust them as well, more recently Libya, and Egypt. Now we also know that the Obama Administration meddled heavily in the last Israeli elections in an attempt to get Netanyahu out of office.

    Furthermore, it would not even surprise me if this individual might already be a known entity to the U.S., e.g., someone who is currently working with, or at least a contact or source of, our intelligence agencies (intrigue), someone who flatters and impresses these people for whatever reason.

    So a scenario in which other world powers are involved in bringing the AC to eventual power is not at all beyond the realm of possibility. Not at all.

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