Will A New Iranian Leader Fulfill Daniel 11?

By: Nelson Walters

Author: Are We Ready For Jesus? How to Prepare for His Return (May 2015)

We learned this week that Iranian Supreme Leader  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is gravely ill.  In September, the world heard that he was suffering from prostrate cancer.  It is assumed that Khamenei’s current health issues are related to the advanced state of his cancer. Even if Khamenei survives this current crisis, it seems likely Iran may choose a successor.  To the world this seems a normal transfer of power, but to Christians everywhere, a new Iranian leader may signal a fulfillment of Daniel 11:2!

And now I will tell you the truth. Behold, three more kings are going to arise in Persia. Then a fourth will gain far more riches than all of them; as soon as he becomes strong through his riches, he will arouse the whole empire against the realm of Greece (YAVAN). (Dan. 11: 2 NASB, clarification mine)

Iran has had 3 “kings” since the formation of the State of Israel in in 1948.

We learned in PRECISE HISTORIC FULFILLMENT OF DANIEL 11 that an historic fulfillment of Daniel 11: 2-35 has already occurred.  Despite the fact that most of the fulfillment was precise, fulfillment of verse 3 was not.  Alexander the Great’s empire never broke up into 4 kingdoms.  (Learn more about that from Joel Richardson here.)  IMO prophecy is always fulfilled precisely.  This causes several bible commentators (myself included) to consider that a Radical Futurist Fulfillment of all of Daniel 11 may be forthcoming.  This would mean that all of this Chapter is yet future.

If this is true, then Iran’s “fourth king” is on the near horizon.  He may assume power within days, weeks or months.  We can see from Daniel 11:2 that this fourth king will become “rich.”  We know from ARE WE ABOUT TO SEE IRAN FULFILL DANIEL 8? and Joel Richardson’s outstanding video we linked to earlier that the Bible predicts Iran will invade the Middle East.  Might the new leader of Iran become rich by acquiring most if not all of Middle East oil production as these links predict?  It is possible.

The above two links also show how the Bible (Dan. 8) predicts that after Iran invades the Middle East, Turkey will counterattack and defeat Iran.  Interestingly Daniel 11 predicts this exact event and adds some information.  We see in v. 2 that it is the new Iranian king that initially stirs up his empire against “Yavan” (Turkey.)  We learned in the above link  that Yavan was an ancient people who populated the islands of Greece and the western shore of Turkey, including Istanbul.  Thus when we see “Greece” in English translations of Daniel, it is actually referring to the area controlled by modern Turkey.

It seems that Iran creates the tension that results in Turkey (possibly with the help of allies) defeating Iran.

Every Christian needs to be aware of the possibility that we are watching the fulfillment of Daniel 11 and Daniel 8 before our eyes.  Let us all spread the word.


12 thoughts on “Will A New Iranian Leader Fulfill Daniel 11?”

  1. I disagree with your point that verse three has not been fulfilled. It was fulfilled when Alexander’s kingdom was divided by his four generals. From those we got the Seleucids, the Ptolemies, etc.

    1. Thanks for interacting Dale. I didn’t make that point, in fact I agreed with you in THIS OTHER POST. The point of this particular article was to discuss what is necessary for a RADICAL FUTURIST fulfillment of Dan. 11 which is also possible but not assured. I am looking for a Radical Futurist fulfillment as a possibility. It would give us amazing information about the rise of Antichrist, but the fulfillment of Dan. 11:2-20 may all be in the past. We need to watch and wait.

  2. We can see how Daniel 11 is taking shape: In Dan 11, there is at the end, verses 25-28 and 39-45 the battle of the king of the North, the Shia Islamic AC, and the King of the south, SUNNI ISIS

    The Shia northern king attacks the southern king, then surprises ISrael and attacks Israel to start the last 3 1/2 years of time

    We also see this pattern in Isaiah, a sweep through of SUNNI lands BY a shia Assyrian antichrist army.. through all of them on the way to Israel

    so the OT repeats the same message over and over


  3. Interestingly, I have been reading Daniel over the last few days. Today I got to the bit about having understanding and that only those who want to learn can understand the prophesy, (12;10). So, I thought/prayed, I want to understand it, but I don’t really (understand) so I guess I don’t want to enough…. and here I am reading this post! Gaining understanding. I couldn’t quite get that Daniel was told that the events in his dreams and visions were for “the end times” yet the commentary was inferring that the events could well have been around 252bc…. I am not a bible scholar, nor do I retain versus word perfect – just the “gist” of events etc, so this is all new spiritual insight and understanding that half an hour ago I didn’t think I had. Thankful to our Heavenly Father for putting this right under my nose.

  4. Nelson, this is so timely. I’m sure you’ve seen Joel Richardson’s latest video on Daniel 8, which he put together while in Iraq recently (he was about 15 miles from the Iranian border as he taped it), where he is basically saying the same thing.

    We are all alive to see what is happening and to see Biblical end time prophecies being unfurled right before our eyes. Did you ever imagine it? Wow!

    One question, Nelson. Is it possible that a new leader in Iran could come out of the Iranian Guard, the IRGC? Do the two horns of the ram, one of which is smaller, possibly represent two competing powers within Iran?

    1. Jeanne, Daniel 8 seems to imply that the second horn could be IRGC. I’m sure there will be a power struggle to determine the new leader. They may even declare a Shia Caliphate after they invade the Middle East. (I am actually expecting this.) However, scripture isn’t perfectly clear on any of those minor points, which are interesting, but probably more important after the fact. “Oh so that’s what the Bible meant!” So we are able to more clearly identify fulfilled prophecy. Nelson

  5. Thousands of years ago God wiped Haman off the face of Earth for planning to destroy the Jewish People. Now Is God doing the same thing at the festival of Purim? Ali Khamenei also threatened to destroy Israel many times.

    1. YHWH will certainly punish all those who oppose him. He will punish all the Persian Hamans eventually. Unfortunately the new 4th king of Iran will likely be no better and probably worse than Khamenei. So I don’t look at this as a Purim fulfillment. IMO it is a Daniel 11:2 fulfillment and as a Church, we are better served by focusing on the big prophecy picture. Next step: Iran invades the Middle East.

  6. Nelson, I was just reading the report of Khamenei’s illness before I received a notification of this post. I share your thoughts on this issue brother. What an amazing time to be alive to see endtime prophecy being fulfilled!

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