Will New Israeli-Palestinian Agreement Signal the Tribulation has Begun?

By: Nelson Walters

Author: Are We Ready For Jesus? (May 2015)

The recent election in Israel had many concerned that the near future might see a new peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians; one that divides the land and launches the Tribulation.  Christians are concerned this could still happen if the leadership of Israel changes.

Daniel 9:27 states that the 70th Week of Daniel (the Tribulation Period) will begin with the Antichrist signing a “covenant with the many” that may be a false peace treaty.  Will a new Israeli-Palestinian agreement signal that the Tribulation has begun?

Netanyaho has won the election in March 2015 and vowed that he will not negotiate away the land.   Christians however wonder what the future holds.    We needn’t wonder, God’s Word is clear that a peace treaty will be signed.  In fact, two of them will be signed!

 And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate. (Dan. 9:27 NASB)

The key to understanding the concept that we are to look for two peace treaties is the word translated “make” in the above verse.  In both Hebrew and Greek this word means “strengthen” not “make.”  In other words, the Antichrist will strengthen an existing peace treaty.  In order to strengthen it, one must already be in place.  This is part of the deception that is to come.  When the first peace treaty comes, many will believe the Tribulation is here.  Most likely it won’t be; yet.  Christians realize that the Antichrist is the signer of the in infamous “covenant with the many” but probably is not the signer of the original treaty.  Christians should be watchful and careful not to misidentify the signer of the first treaty as the Antichrist.  It will be tempting.


The following steps must be fulfilled prior to the Antichrist coming on the scene:

  • Iran must invade the Middle East (see ARE WE ABOUT TO SEE IRAN FULFILL DAN. 8?)
  • Turkey must counterattack and defeat Iran.
  • The new Turkish Kingdom formed from this victory will be broken into four segments
  • The Antichrist will then arise as a “little horn,” (a minor political or military figure) in one of these four divisions.

Click on the above article link to to see the details of these events.  As you can see we shouldn’t be looking for the Antichrist in the immediate future.  Several events need to occur first.  Only when that original treaty is “strengthened” will the Tribulation start.  So we can most likely add “an initial peace treaty is signed” to the list of what is to occur prior to the Tribulation.

It is interesting how even major prophetic teachers get this wrong.  I read this article yesterday about Turkey looking forward to the possibility of Erdogan being named Caliph or even Mahdi.  He may be.  In fact, I am expecting him to be after the Great Sunni/Shia War.  This will not make him the Antichrist as this prophetic teacher questioned.  It is highly likely we may see several Caliphs and wannabe Mahdi’s before the true Antichrist steps forward.  Erdogan may even be the signer of the first covenant that the true Antichrist will “strengthen.”  This still won’t make him Antichrist.  He is NOT a “little horn” (a minor political leader.)  Although it is “exciting” to look for an Antichrist now, it is too soon.  Satan is hiding him at this point.  He will be revealed AFTER the great Sunni/Shia War that is coming.  We all must be watchful according to the signs given us in God’s Word.


Exactly what that strengthening of the covenant may be is explained in what follows in this same verse.  We see that the Antichrist stops the offerings and sacrifices at the midpoint of the week.  Based on the wording of the verse, those offerings are part of the treaty that is interrupted midweek.

The Strengthening therefore, most likely has to do with permitting a Jewish Temple and Sacrificial System to function once again.  At least the Antichrist will permit it for 3 1/2 years.

Although we see through as through a glass darkly, we have enough detail to not be deceived.  We might be surprised by the speed of events or how they unfold, but we should be able to avoid deception if we remain “watchful”.

19 thoughts on “Will New Israeli-Palestinian Agreement Signal the Tribulation has Begun?”

  1. Nelson: Have you done any research on how the 2 witnesses are central to bringing warnings to Israel as to their adulterous relationship with AC during the 1st half of tribulation? Speaking of the 144,000, it also triggered in my mind that just as Jesus was resurrected & Ascended, then the 120 disciples went forward preaching the Gospel. And may be when the 2 witnesses die & resurrect to heavenin mid trib, that is when the 144,000 messianic believers will be spreading the 2 witnesses message of repentance from Idolatory and meaningless sacrifise & returning back to Christ (their only sacrifise), to the remaining Jews that will survive in Israel.

    Like to hear your opinion.

    1. Hi AFO, thanks for your thoughts. If you read about the sealing of the 144,000 in Revelation 7, it occurs after the sixth seal (the Cosmic Earthly Disturbance) and prior to the seventh seal which ushers in the Wrath of God. During this period God does two things to protect his elect from His Wrath. First, he seals the Jewish elect (the 144k) and then he raptures his church right at the seventh seal. It is this multitude we see in the second half of Rev. 7 with palm branches and white linen. I was writing about these events this week for a book that will be released next year.

      The sealing of the 144k happens IMO right before the 7th year of the Tribulation Period and the purpose is to protect these elect before the 4 winds of heaven begin to harm the earth, trees and water. This is how God protects his Jewish elect throughout the year of his Wrath.

      I see the Church spreading the word of God during the first six years of the Tribulation Period, not the 144k. The Church is like the army of Joshua carrying the Ark of the Covenant (Jesus) around Jericho (the world) and displaying him to the unbelieving world. Read the beginning of Rev. 7 and Rev. 14 carefully and see if you discover any evangelistic work these 144k do? I don’t. That is part of the old Pre-Tribulation rapture theory. With the church gone (in their theory) they needed evangelists, so it had to be this 144k. But the text does not support that IMO. Also, I don’t think they are messianic believers at first. There is no mention of that. IF they were believers they’d be raptured at the 7th seal like the rest of the Church. Messianic believers ARE part of the Church. Rather they are called the “first fruits” of the Jews (Rev. 14) who come to faith in one day right before the Second Coming at the 7th Trumpet (end of the 7th year of Tribulation). So they follow the lamb where ever he goes but it is only after he is standing on the Mount of Olives. He has already “landed” on earth at that point.

      At least those are my opinions. I’d love to hear why I may be inaccurate.

  2. Where do you see the 144,000 in the scenario? Do they preach for the 1st half of the trib until the midpoint? then the 2 witnesses appear on the scene for the 2nd half?

    1. Ovaforty, Thanks for reading. Rev. 4-9 is essentially chronologic. The 144,000 are sealed in Chapter 7 after the sixth seal of Revelation which occurs in the sixth year. That is when they are sealed for their protection so that when the 7 Trumpets blow they are not harmed. We also see them with Christ in Chapter 14, so they all live throughout the 7th year and survive the Tribulation, and probably witness then. Do they witness in the first six years as well? I don’t know. I assume they witness then as well, they just aren’t mentioned and aren’t sealed.

  3. Thanks for your response. This is a little off the subject, but is something that I’ve been wondering about: What do you think the verse that says “all Israel will be saved” means? Are all Jews automatically predestined to be saved? Does God show favoritism? (Does He favor Jews over Gentiles?)

    1. My new book discusses this verse and how Christians should respond to their Jewish brothers in Chapter 7. In a nutshell “all surviving Jews will be saved.” Yes it means exactly that. They will look upon the one whom they have pierced and repent. Salvation only comes thru faith.

  4. I’ve heard some prophecy teachers speculate that Turkish prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, may possibly be the Antichrist, for a variety of reasons. Do you know much about him, and what do you think of this idea? Also, Walid Shoebat believes that the verse in Daniel which says that the Antichrist will make war against the “strongest fortresses” is a reference to America (America being the strongest fortress in battle and in military might). He believes that America will be strong to the end. Do you agree?

    1. That is as good as guess as any on who the AC is I suppose. At this point, prior to Turkey’s counterattack on Iran, it is too early to tell. I’m intentionally not looking for the AC now. I believe Satan is hiding him for the right moment. But this guy could be him.

      “The strongest fortresses” are plural so, no I don’t agree with Walid that it is the USA only. Might it be Europe and the USA, or all the western powers? NATO? Absolutely. That is my best guess, but scripture is vague. All of this is speculation, scripture does not say. Will the USA remain strong? Yes, I think so, the “ships from Kittam” reference from Daniel 11 are these western powers I think. Will the USA remain a democracy? That is another tough question.

      One interesting thing that I will probably blog on in the future is why is the “prominent horn” of Turkey broken off and the new Turkish Empire that forms after it counterattacks Iran broken into 4 segments? This implies an even stronger force breaks them up. Something occurs a that point. A nation that becomes “exceedingly great” doesn’t just break up. We’ll leave that for another day. Thanks for the great questions.

  5. Hi Nelson,

    Good points.
    I believe the “confirms the covenant” refers to his agreement with ‘many’ that the Jews can occupy the temple mount, or share it, build the temple and start the sacrifices. most seem to be in agreement on this. I believe it’s less of a treaty, (though it may be one,) and more of a confirming of the Abrahamic covenant…giving the Jews this right to proceed.
    this allows for the mid-trib declaration or ‘abomination that causes desolation’ spoken of by Daniel, Jesus, and Paul. The AC, satan really, sets the thing up for his last effort to gain the worship of man before he tries to annihilate the Jews and stop the fulfillment of prophecy.

    I also believe it’s important to see that the ten nations are in place before the AC receives his power. The Turkish defeat of the Medes and the Persians (Iran & Iraq?) will grow their power but only set the stage for the forming of the ten nations into one…not-so-united confederation. The iron and clay is the picture we get from scripture.

    we (prophecy students) have guessed so often what that means. I think it’s the ten Muslim nations all battling amongst themselves, never trusting each other, ‘the iron not mixing with the clay’, but uniting (Caliphate) to present a military force that no one wants to challenge.

    ten nations must be in place before the treaty/confirmation. I see this as an important piece that must be in place before the tribulation begins. One of many…

    still time on the clock…what will we do with that time?


    1. Hi Doug, your most important comment is the last one: “what will we do with that time?” That is the question every Christian needs to answer.

      In regard to you points. See my answer to Jeanne’s comment. The covenant is “strengthened” not made by the AC. I don’t see him having the right to strengthen any of God’s covenants with Israel (Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic, etc.) so to me it is a man made covenant he strengthens. The “peace” aspect of that coming covenant is explained in my answer to Jeanne. I am working on a new post with much more information about the rider of the white horse that will go into the “bow” of that rider in greater detail.

      I haven’t figured out nor has God told me what the iron and clay mixture means yet. I realize that your point is the popular one, but all of Islam is iron, so I’m not sure iron and clay mixed are Sunni and Shia. But I don’t have another answer yet.

      1. Nelson,
        Yes, what do we do with our time is a vital question.

        Much of the church has been looking for a quick departure, but prayerfully many leaders will begin to see that mindset needs to change.

        It’s hard to be dogmatic on these issues. “confirming the covenant”; “iron mixed with clay” etc.
        Clarity is coming though.
        In my opinion; it appears the Lord is slowly unsealing the book of Daniel as well as the many connected passages. The mysteries of chapters seven through twelve are becoming more clear.

        That’s an interesting concept you present on God ‘hanging up his bow’. I’ll have to take a look at that.

        God will open the truth of his Word to the wise in these last days. Daniel saw things that grieved him mightily. The fourth beast was especially troubling to him. We will soon be confronted with that beast.

        God bless,


  6. Nelson, here lately I have been thinking crazy thoughts concerning Netanyahu.

    I really do not see him in the picture as PM of Israel when it comes to strengthening this covenant. He will not surrender Israeli land to Palestine and he will not stand by while Obama facilitates a nuclear deal with Iran. He plays hardball when it comes to Israel’s security.

    But the Israeli Mossad downplays Bibi’s assessment that Iran is an immediate threat to Israel, and Obama is not happy that he was re-elected (Now he knows how most Americans must have felt in 2012)

    In any event, I entertain thoughts concerning Netanyahu’s safety in the coming months and years.

  7. Here is how Daniel 9:27 reads in the KJV:

    “And he shall ‘confirm’ THE covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and THE oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”

    From Strong’s, the word for “covenant” is:

    1285 briyth ber-eeth’ from 1262 (in the sense of cutting (like 1254)); a compact (because made by passing between pieces of flesh):–confederacy, (con-)feder(-ate), covenant, league.

    The word for “covenant” here indicates the “cutting”, i.e., the sacrifice of an animal. “The” covenant and “the” sacrifice is what intrigues me. In Daniel 11:31 we read: ” And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away THE daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.”

    Is the confirming of “the covenant” to be considered a “peace treaty”, i.e., in the sense that we would think of a peace treaty? I don’t interpret this to mean a “peace treaty”. It seems to me that all the AC is doing here is allowing the Jews to make the daily sacrifice, and then breaking that promise at the middle of the week.

    What is the “daily” sacrifice? Is it the morning and evening sacrifices of a lamb? Or will the Jews be making other sacrifices as well? We know they are breeding the red heifer for sacrifices. Interestingly, in Daniel 9:21, we read: “21 Yea, whiles I was speaking in prayer, even the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning, being caused to fly swiftly, touched me about the time of THE evening oblation.”

    There hadn’t been any sacrifices made for 70 years, since Daniel and his people were in captivity. Yet in the last part of the verse we see the posture of Daniel’s heart in remembering the morning and evening sacrifices all these years. No wonder Daniel was “highly esteemed” of God and loved by Yeshua!

    1. I agree 100% that an aspect the covenant is restoring the sacrificial system just as the post states. The text of Dan. 9:27 demands this. However a careful study of “covenant” will show that “peace” is an aspect also. The first use of covenant in the OT is the story of Noah. God unilaterally promised not to destroy the world again with water and “hung up his bow” (his weapon) in the sky as a symbol of this covenant (Gen. 9:13). This is the verse John is referring to in Rev. 6 when he says the rider of the white horse (the Antichrist) carries a bow!!! It is a perfect (unbelievably perfect) picture of the AC bringing a counter-fit covenant that he will break. Everything about the rider of the white horse is counter-fit. So the AC will promise not to destroy (just like God’s promise in Genesis) but will break it. I think this deserves an entire post.

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