End Times Eyewitness

This movie receives Nelson’s highest rating: 5 crosses

5 crosses

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International prophecy teacher and New York Times best-selling author Joel Richardson (Mideast Beast) has just released an eye-opening new DVD “End Times Eyewitness.” Using first person interviews of Mideast leaders and footage from Israel and the surrounding nations, Joel shows eight signs that mark the soon return of Jesus. This is not a sensationalist, “sky is falling” YouTube video, but rather is a thought provoking, biblically solid, “behind the scenes” account of unfolding events in God’s master plan.

Why Should You Buy this DVD?

  • You should purchase it for yourself. Joel’s unique ability to communicate God’s Word in video ties together massive chunks of prophetic scripture into a cohesive single “story-line.” We don’t yet understand everything about Jesus’ return but this video is about as close as we can come to a “You are Here” point of reference on the prophetic map. You should also purchase it to also get a glimpse of what others are saying in the first person interviews. My favorite was Rabbi Yehuda Glick who is chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation (attempting to bring back Temple Worship.) Many may recognize him as the Rabbi who was shot four times last month at point blank range and miraculously survived. Other interviews include Jonathan Cahn (The Harbinger), Walter Kaiser (Old Testament scholar) and numerous other Middle East leaders and influencers.
  • You should purchase it for your family and friends. If you have been moved by this blog and others and wish to communicate what you’ve learned but have difficulty, this video is for you. It is also perfect for small groups and Sunday School classes
  • You should absolutely purchase it and give it to your pastor. If you are already a member of this Ministry (Ready for Jesus Ministries) or have read through this entire website, you know how incredibly important pastors are in the process of awakening our sleeping churches. Sometimes this is as difficult as wakening a sleeping prizefighter. Let this video prepare the ground for you. This movie will be the perfect “set-up” before giving your pastor a copy of my new book Are We Ready for Jesus? due out in late winter 2015.   This movie discusses what is happening in the earth prophetically and will prepare his soul. My new book will show what the Church is to do about it right now.

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